Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Buffalo Pro Cheer Photos of The Week!

Continuing our look at the beautiful rookies who will be gracing the sidelines at Ralph Wilson Stadium this fall, we have 3 photos from the Jills this week. Why? Because we have 4 girls remaining to introduce you to before next week kicks off the 2009-2010 series of the Jill of The Week series and wouldn't you know it? Only 2 of them have posed together except in the large squad shots taken at the Congratulatory Party.

First up is a photo from the Congrats Party featuring Courteney and Calendar Covergirl Katy. Courteney is an Ambassador with a college degree who may be trying out for dance next year.

Our next photo comes from Bills Training Camp on Jr Bills Backers Day, a day in which 9 of the Jills made an appearance to greet the next generation of Bills fans. Here we have a group shot of Jennifer, Nicole L, Heather, Stephanie, Loren, and Ruby. Nicole is a junior in college looking at a career in PR, which is something being an Ambassador will be a great help in. Heather is more than your typical blonde bombshell, this rookie Ambassador is as warm and friendly as they come and loves hanging out with little kids just as much as with her adult friends.

Our final Jills photo comes from the 7th Annual Jills Golf Tournament held at Fox Valley Club in Lancaster and features, in a shot taken while golfers were just arriving, Lynn and Michelle. Michelle is the final of our three alumni featured who is returning to the squad after some time away. Michelle was with the Jills for just a few months of the 2007 season and besides the fact that she's got much darker hair now, she's shown us something else we didn't see as well. Dancing on Omarlla's line on gamedays, Michelle is the one you see doing all the flips during Shout! and some other routines.

From the Bandettes comes a photo taken in the 4th quarter loss against the New York Titans and features Karla, Justina, and Alexis cheering on a goal by Bandits defender Billy Dee Smith. Bandettes tryouts are coming up and, while we don't have an exact date just yet, we can tell you that there's a clinic coming up on Sept 13th in which young ladies 16 and up can learn about being a Bandette for a day. Obviously you have to be 18 to join the squad itself, but the extra preparation can only help in high school cheerleading and give you a little idea what to expect when you do turn 18 and try out for the squad.

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