Your veteran Buffalo Bandettes!

Your veteran Buffalo Bandettes!
Stephanie, Mandy, Jennifer, MaKenzie, Janelle, and Syidah

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bandette of The Week Lonna

This year, we're going to go totally random on the Bandette of The Week feature and will start it off with rookie Lonna. The reason we're starting with a rookie is because she was an early departure from the squad unfortunately because of so much else going on for her at the moment. Among those things going on are beauty pageants and even won the most stylish award in last year's Miss NY USA pageant. It's sad that she couldn't stick it out for a few reasons. One is the fact that the Bandits faithful won't get to see her perform anymore and another is because of how much she was looking forward to joining the squad, having started watching for news for tryouts last spring. Even though she was a rookie to the Bandettes, she's no rookie in the eyes of the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog as she was a member of the 2008 Buffalo Jills as well. For the future, she hopes to continue in modeling and pageants, as well as work in law enforcement, either as a NY state trooper or in Homeland Security. If it's state trooper, it's highly unlikely any guy would try to argue his way out of a ticket with this beauty pulling him over. You can read more about Lonna at

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