Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Buffalo Pro Cheer Photos of The Week

Laura, Murissa
Our first photo from the Jills comes from the 8th Annual Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament and features a pair of great vets. Laura is in her 4th year as a Jills Ambassador and has spent the summer on TV on ESPN2's Redfield Redzone. You see, she's well-known as the Martin Archery Girl but she's also become an avid hunter in recent years and this show is basically about her hunting passion. Murissa is in her 3rd season as a dancer who is best known around the squad for her sense of humor. I can tell you from experience that having her around brightens even the gloomiest of days or moods.

Jaclyn, Stefanie, Jill, Danielle
Our 2nd Jills photo comes from Jr Bills Backers Day at Training Camp two weeks ago. Pictured here after practice are 4 of the Jills dancers who were on hand to help out with the autograph session. Seen here are Jaclyn, Stefanie, Jill, and Danielle. We've introduced you to rookies Jaclyn and Jill recently and if you need any introduction to Stefanie, you're way behind the times as she's going into her 5th season on the sidelines. Danielle, on the other hand, is one of the rookies on the squad and I really can't tell you much about her yet except to say she is a Rochester-area native who's poised to be a great addition to the Jills squad this year.

Lauren B, Ashley, Stephanie
From the Bandettes, we have a photo from before the April game against Toronto featuring 3 adorable rookies. From left to right we have Lauren B, Ashley, and Stephanie. Bandettes tryouts are October 2nd and 3rd at Gold's Gym in Depew. They are closed to the public but it should be soon after that that we'll see who'll join these 3 young ladies pictured here dancing as Bandettes starting in November with the World's Largest Disco appearance November 27th.

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