Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Buffalo Jills Comedy Show pics and video

The final big event for the Buffalo Jills season is the annual Comedy Show and this year's event, staged at Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls, NY, featured Master hypnotist Jerry Valley with comedian Matt Bergman.

Omarlla, Christina, Lisa, and Valerie putting some finishing touches on their performance
The night started out with several of the Jills dancers going through a last-minute rehearsal of their performance to be put on between the Bergman and Valley performances.

Meghan and Michelle ready to sell some calendars
After that, it was time to let in a few hundred patrons to the Theatre which included food and a cash bar as well as raffles sold by the Buffalo Jills and of course some incredibly hot Buffalo Jills Calendars.

A look at the filled-up Theatre with Jessica eying the camera
Matt Bergman, who's been heard regularly on Morning Bull on 103.3 The Edge, was up first and put on an entertaining show that even included references to Terrel Owens and certain other NFL players as well as running into high school classmates in rather interesting situations.

After Bergman was finished, the Jills dancers put on a 3-part performance that included all but a handful of the dancers there for the show.

Val and Alyssa part of the group of volunteers to be hypnotized
Finally, Jerry Valley, who's been performing at the Erie County Fair for the past 17 years and, after a few demonstrations, brought a number of volunteers up on stage to be hypnotized. Included in that group were Jills members Valerie, Alyssa, Meghan, and Jills alumnus Stacy (2007, 2010). When people were no longer affected by the hypnotic suggestions, they left the stage to leave those who were most susceptible to hypnosis as everyone is affected in different levels. Meghan and Stacy were among those first to leave the stage with Valerie leaving stage after a short nap and Alyssa staying long enough to just miss being part of the final group of 6 that included the boyfriend of one of the Jills.
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Being the final big event of the Jills season, some news generally comes out as well as the entertainment. After Kristen and Nicole successfully made the transition from ambassador to dance in 2010, 3 of this year's rookie ambassadors, Meghan, Gina, and Sara, have talked about possibly doing the same in 2011. Gina and Sara already have some dance experience as Jills after having been part of the huge halftime show in Toronto and Meghan did some practicing for that show as well before pulling out. In addition, most of the girls are definitely leaning towards returning for 2011 including Omarlla, who will be going into her 12th season if she does decide to return for certain. Eileen, however, who finished up her 11th season with Omarlla, is leaning towards retirement from the squad...but she still has plenty of time to change her mind on that.
Coming up next for the Jills, some of them will be on hand at SoHo on Wednesday, February 2nd at 6pm for the I Believe in Mindi May benefit, which is being run to help with the medical expenses of a young woman who's going through treatment for a second form of cancer after fighting off her first bout with cancer. Tickets are $25 at the door and the benefit includes raffles with tickets sold by members of the Jills as well as a silent auction.
Also, in addition to the 8 young ladies currently in the Middle East entertaining the troops, Meghan and Taryn are heading off to Seattle next weekend to visit with the troops stationed at McChord Air Force Base and Fort Lewis for the Super Bowl.
Stay tuned to and the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog for news of other appearances upcoming before tryouts start up in mid-April.

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