Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Buffalo Jill of The Week Anna

This week, we take a look at the 1st of our front covergirls as the Buffalo Jill of The Week. Anna was in her 3rd year with the Jills in 2010 but unfortunately, like in 2009, was an early departure from the squad. She's been dancing and cheering since the age of 2 including some time spent with Niagara AllStars Cheerleading, including the competitive Niagara Ladykats. She finished her Jills career on one end of Christina's line next to Jill which actually makes her kind of a rarity. You see, when a girl is on the squad for a few years, they wind up spending time with one captain for at least a couple of seasons. Anna actually had 3 different captains starting with Nicole P before going to Eileen's line and finishing up with Christina. The funny thing is, out of all the girls that have been captain during Anna's time on the squad, Omarlla is the one she's closest friends with. Her looks, which come from a Hawaiian and mulatto background, helped her land a spot on the cover of the 2010-11 Jills Calendar. They were also the reason Eileen's line, which she cheered on in 2009, got a bunch of extra pics in Canton at the Hall of Fame Game as I was at the other end of the stadium when they came out to run through a few sideline routines. But her distinctive beauty stood out enough even from the other end of the stadium. She's not going to be known just for her looks when all is said and done as she's working, between modeling gigs, on becoming a criminal defense lawyer. Anna's secondary pic comes from the Bills home opener against Miami in Lot C where several Jills dancers performed before the game. Shown posing for a photo just prior to the performance are Omarlla and Anna.

Even though she was an early departure from the squad in 2009, she showed no signs of rust in tryouts as she showed the judges, as well reminded those of who know her, that she's more than just a pretty face....she's also an outstanding dancer as seen at 1st cuts when trying out alongside rookie Emily.

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