Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, June 20, 2014

The 2007 Buffalo Jills Congratulatory Party-revisited

In 2007, the Buffalo Jills held their annual Congratulatory Party at the Lafayette Tap Room on Washington Street, currently the home of the Pan American Grill and Brewery. I had already learned shortly after tryouts finished how they went.  After getting the squad photo, I even found out that 2004-05 vet Melissa had returned to the 2007 squad after a season off. Also, even though Jessica K had chosen not to return, there was still a pair of twin sisters for the 2007 season in the forms of Jill and Joy, a pair of fraternal twins who joined that season. I had chosen not to attend 1st cuts that year because one, I wanted the girls focused totally on what they had to do to make the squad and two, I saw firsthand how rough it could be to miss the cut. As anyone who knows me can attest, I'm a softie when it comes to the cheerleaders I cover and genuinely care about them. Seeing them upset isn't easy and, when you consider that I see very few of them after they leave the squad, the last thing I want is to see them upset the last time I see them. I did see some videos taken of tryouts, some by 97Rock's DJ Jickster and there was even an interview in one video I saw in which one prospective rookie talked about how confident she was. Her words proved prophetic as she not only made the squad in 2007, but made the Pro Bowl her 2nd year on the squad. Her name was Jess L.
As I pulled into the parking garage, I saw 3rd year vet Rachael heading out of the garage and wound up getting to the bar just moments after her. Shortly after getting inside, Kelly H, the 6th year vet who was the captain of the Ambassador Squad, got right to work introducing some of the rookies.
Kelly and Lisa
Katherine, Kelly, and Amanda F
Lisa, Kaitlin, Jess, Katherine, Amanda F, Rachael, Katie C, Vincenza, and friend
In addition to the 2007 squad being there, minus a few girls who had an appearance elsewhere, 2003-04 Jills alum Kelly Ann put in an appearance as did Bills special teams ace Josh Stamer.
Kelly Ann and Eileen
Michelle with Josh Stamer
During the party, some of the Jills performed for those of us in attendance. Some of them even brought their boyfriends on stage for the performance.
Eileen, Jamie, and Emily perform

Valerie and Kaitlin B

You can see all the pics at
From the Bandettes comes a photo from the January game against the Toronto Rock. On occasion, both lines would be out for the 2nd half or portions of it. In this photo taken in the 3rd quarter, we see Amanda, Cheri, Danielle, and Kelsey performing to the music while the game was going on.
Amanda, Cheri, Danielle, and Kelsey

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