Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Buffalo Jill of The Week Ashley C

We finish up the 2013-14 Buffalo Jill of The Week series with Swimsuit Calendar Covergirl Ashley C. A captain in her 2nd season with the Ambassador squad, she was to be one of only 2 of the 2013 captains to return to the 2014 squad. Over the last two years, she's actually gotten to be pretty good friends with that other captain, longtime BuffaloProCheer favorite Melissa M, formerly of the Bandettes before switching over to the Jills. Ashley is currently in law school after getting her B.S. in legal studies a year ago with hopes to practice law in Buffalo, possibly in corporate law. We know she looks fantastic in uniform but I have a feeling she'll be rocking the powersuit look as well. I also have a feeling she's going to try as hard as she can to stay in Buffalo for a variety of reasons. She loves the seasons and snowboarding as well as the beach and who can forget the sports teams and fans. Another big thing for her is the food as she loves Buffalo-style chicken whether it's in wings, salad, or dip. Considering it's hard to find anyplace outside of Western NY that can put together chicken, hot sauce, and blue cheese the right way, she might have a rough time of it living elsewhere! lol You can see all of Ashley's pics at Ashley's secondary photo comes from the game against Miami in December when the girls were dressed as Santa's helpers. Shown coming off the field just before the half are Gabrielle, waving to the fans, and Ashley.
Gabrielle and Ashley

From the Bandettes comes a photo from the January home game against the Toronto Rock. Prior to the game, most of the squad was greeting fans as they come up the escalators to the 100 level. Shown posing for a photo are members of Kirsten's line with Danielle, Chrissy, Brianna, Kirsten, Mandy, and Lauren K from left to right.
Danielle, Chrissy, Brianna, Kirsten, Mandy, and Lauren K

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