Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, October 31, 2014

2006 Gage Benefit revisited

We're going to change things up a bit for the remainder of the year before the Bandits season starts up with a look back at some of the appearances and events from the Buffalo Bandettes. The first appearance we're looking at is actually a combined appearance with the Jills. The same weekend the Jills exhibit opened at the Toy Town museum, there was a charity appearance at the Buffalo Brew Pub in Williamsville. A few months before, a beloved local doctor was in a car accident that he was in the process of recovering from when he tragically passed away 10 days later.
This was actually my 1st time working with the Bandettes and I was lucky that I had a pair of familiar faces there in the forms of Jills alumnae Julie F and Amanda F. When I arrived, Julie spotted me right away. I had only met her once or twice when she was on the Jills, but she was familiar with my work over the years and it's likely she knew to expect me as a rookie on the Bandettes that season, Meghan F had been emailing me back and forth after joining the squad about appearances and the like. After talking to Julie for a bit, Amanda showed up, who didn't recognize me right away but did after I showed her a photo I had taken with her and her squadmate Melanie at the 2001 Bills Opener.
Erin H and Amanda
Erin showed up shortly afterwards and after introductions were made, I let them get to work on selling raffle tickets, while taking the occasional photo. About halfway through the event, it was almost time for Amanda and Erin to leave but not before their relief showed up. Making the appearance on behalf of the Jills were Allison and Omarlla. After introductions were made, to Erin that is, since Amanda had cheered with both of these beauties during her time on the Jills, a group photo was taken before the Bandettes took off for the day.
Amanda, Alison, Omarlla, and Erin H

Alison and Omarlla with a fan
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 From the Jills comes a photo from the Lions preseason game in 2013. In one of the 1st appearances for some of these young ladies comes this photo from Stampede Row. Shown getting set to welcome the Bills onto the field are Lisa, Allysha, Hannah, Kristina, and Shelby G.
Lisa, Allysha, Hannah, Kristina, and Shelby G

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