Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, October 10, 2014

2008 Bills Away Game Parties Part 2 and some Bayou bartending-revisited

We take another look back at an away game party that was held in 2008, as well as an appearance by some of the Jills bartending at a local hotspot.
The Miami game was the 1st one against a division opponent that season, in week 7, and the Away game parties at Rhino's Rock Bar had gotten to be a pretty popular destination when the Bills were on the road with James from 103.3 The Edge handling things with giveaways and a prize board each week. Of course it didn't hurt to have a pair of beauties from the Buffalo Jills on hand for the 1st half each week and they didn't hold back on the beauty that week as 2nd year vets Amanda F and Lisa were there for the game. During their years on the Jills, they were each well-known for not only their looks, but how easy they were to get along with.

Just before halftime, we were joined by another pair of Jills. They weren't there as part of the appearance though, but to watch the game. In 2008, a group of the Jills customarily gathered at Lisa's place to watch the road games together and obviously that was out that week with her at an appearance. 2nd year vet Ayeshia and rookie Jennifer were at a different appearance at the start of the game and made their way to watch the second half at Rhino's. Amanda and Lisa had made other plans for the 2nd half so Jennifer and Ayeshia hung with me for the rest of the game that looked promising for a while but the Bills couldn't pull out a win.
You can see all the pics from the Miami party at
As I had posted earlier, Bayou was the favored nightspot for the Jills in 2008 with Jills and alumnae employed there and it being the preferred spot for birthday parties. I went to 4 of those myself and with all the loyalty from the Jills, the nightclub graciously allowed the Jills to run a small fundraiser there the 1st Friday in November. What it involved was some of the Jills doing some guest bartending for a portion of the evening with all the tips raised going to help fund the 2009 Calendar Trip.
I started out my evening at the Buffalo Chophouse spending a gift certificate I had received on the best steak I've ever had. Afterwards, I headed on over to Bayou just as they were opening up. Alecia was already there as it was her regular job but it wasn't long before Val, Lisa, Danielle, and Lynn showed up to learn what they were to be doing behind the bar for the evening and to meet the rest of the staff. Some of their squadmates showed up to support their efforts as well and it wasn't long before the club was packed and a good sum of money was raised for the cause.
Danielle, Lynn, Val, Alecia, and Lisa
Val loves her hat

See all the pics at

From the Bandettes comes a photo from the 2nd home game against the Philadelphia Wings. Taken at halftime, some of the girls were excited to show off their Valentine's Day-themed shirts. Shown posing for the camera before they went out for their performance are LB, Stephanie, Ashley, and Chelsea.
LB, Stephanie, Ashley, and Chelsea

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