Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, October 17, 2014

2008 Jills Away Game parties Part 3-revisited

After a couple weeks away from Rhinos with a bye week and a home game, the away game parties continued with the Bills in a bit of a slump, with 3 straight losses, all at the hands of division rivals, this early November game against New England being the final one of those. While the game itself was nothing to write about, the fans at Rhino's had few complaints with James keeping things lively and a pair of stunning Buffalo Jills on hand for the 1st half. Lisa and Ali had spent time with the Rhino's crowd earlier in the season so they knew what to expect and in addition to helping with prizes and signing autographs, they were able to watch the game as well, cheering on the good plays and covering their eyes on the bad ones.

Lisa and Ali with James from The Edge
You can see all the pics from the New England party at
A couple of weeks later, a week after a rare MNF appearance, we were back at Rhino's for an away game party while the Bills visited Kansas City. For this game, Brandi made a return engagement with 3rd year vet Christina. Christina kept very busy on this day with not only visiting with patrons but paying close attention to the game. Out of all the Jills I've worked with over the years, she has to be one of the most devoted to the game as any I've ever met. It was a common occurence throughout her career to, after she's done a training camp appearance, to switch into civvies and watch the rest of the practice with the rest of the fans. 
posing with Christina

Brandi and Christina with James
See all the pics from the Chiefs party at
From the Bandettes comes a photo from the game against the Minnesota Swarm. Kirsten and LB, the Bandettes captains, would grab a photo together almost every game, including this great shot from pregame, just before they led their squadmates out to perform. LB said 2014 was her last season and while I wish that hadn't been the case, she was a pleasure to work with these past few years. Kirsten, who also retired, was noted for her love of the camera and as a photographer, there's no better type of person to work with.

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