Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Looking back at Lindsey's 2014 season as an Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders

Lindsey at tryouts
Once again, we are taking a look at a Buffalo Jill who was fortunate enough to continue to cheer in 2014, albeit with another squad. Lindsey kind of started her career a few years before she tried out for the Jills. She was a frequent attendee at Jills events supporting her friend Lisa and it was only a matter of time before she joined the squad herself. Lindsey spent the 2010-12 seasons on the sidelines at the Ralph and even made co-captain for the 2013, serving under Lisa. However, she decided to leave the squad early on but the desire to cheer was still in her blood. After landing a job in the Atlanta area, she went after a spot as an Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader and, to the surprise of no one, was named a member of the 2014-15 Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders!

Lindsey during a preseason game vs the Titans
Lindsey at an October game vs the Bears
Lindsey at the Falcons finale

You can see more high quality photos of Lindsey and her squadmates at
Lindsey also has some active public social media pages like her Facebook page, where she posted some photos taken from the recent Medal of Honor Bowl that she and some of her squadmates cheered at. She even met a Bills fan there!

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