Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Bandettes at the Bandits Home Opener

It's that time of year again, an exciting time for fans of the NLL, the fastest game on two feet. It's Opening Weekend and the Bandits, the only team with a double-header weekend to start the season, came into their home opener already down a game in the NLL Playoff race after a loss in Connecticut to the former Philadelphia Wings, since moved and renamed the New England BlackWolves.
The Bandits started off their home opener strong behind 5 goals from Ryan Benesch and carried a 9-5 lead going into the closing seconds of the 3rd quarter. In the NLL, however, a big lead can disappear quickly and less than 6 minutes of playing time later, the Bandits' lead dwindled to a 9-8 score. A huge penalty that put transition man David Brock in the penalty box for 7 minutes could've killed the team but the fight he got into to earn the penalties got them fired up enough that they held off the Edomnton Rush the rest of the way, sending the Banditland faithful home happy with a 9-8 win!
When I got to the arena, the Bandettes were out in full force greeting fans and handing out magnetic schedules after having done their photo shoot earlier in the day. Hopefully that's a sign their site will be updated very soon. Erin was downstairs with a half-dozen of the girls who were greeting fans as they came in.
Janelle, Stephanie, and Abby
After spending some time talking to Jennifer and Erin, I headed up the west stairs to where Lauren, Cheri, LaToya, and Syidah were holding court. It wasn't long before we had a visit from a pair of Bandettes alumnae in the form of Alicia and just-retired captain Kirsten. Anyone who knows Kirsten knows she loves getting her photo taken so they just had to get a photo taken.
Cheri, Syidah, Alicia, LaToya, Kirsten, and Lauren
After getting some directions from Lauren, I headed over to the east end of the escalators where Chrissy, Melanie, and Brittany were posing for photos with fans. Chrissy is now the longest-tenured vet on the squad and between visits from other fans, we got to talking about how far she's come since her rookie season. We also discussed something else, about how Stephanie was the lone remaining confirmed camera ham on the squad, something which Chrissy admits to never being herself despite her beauty.
Brittany, Melanie, and Chrissy
After it was time to head in and I made it to my seats, I got to watch a little of the team warming up before the Bandettes made it out to where they posed for a squad photo, likely the 1st of many we'll be taking this season.
Squad photo minus Brianna

While it's true that Stephanie, a co-captain in her 4th season (my how time flies) is the only remaining confirmed camera ham on the squad with the retirements of Kirsten and Chelsea, it does seem one particular rookie may be starting to make a mark as one as well as I noticed LaToya playing it up to the camera on occasion. For a photographer, there's nothing better than to work with someone who loves the camera.
Stephanie and LaToya
Mandy, Brittany, and Chrissy
Bandettes in action at the half
spelling out One Buffalo with their shirts

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The Bandits are on the road for the next few weeks but they, and the Bandettes, are next in action at First Niagara Center on January 30 as they play host to the Minnesota Swarm.

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