Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Bandette of The Week Mandy

This week, we finish up our look at the 2015 Buffalo Bandettes squad by featuring 2nd year vet Mandy as our Bandette of The Week. Mandy's one who isn't willing to wait to be handed things in life, instead choosing to go after what she wants through hard work and dedication. Perhaps the biggest proof of that is the fact that she made captain in only her 2nd season, no small feat for anyone. She's also used that drive to earn degrees in dance and communications and is putting them to good use as a dance teacher and as a fitness instructor. Always smiling, Mandy was noted for a high level of enthusiasm her rookie season, something that hasn't changed in her 2nd year. One thing that has changed is her comfort level, though. Early in her rookie season, she was actually a little on the shy side, being 1 of only 2 rookies on the squad. Now that she's not only a vet, but a captain, she's a fearless leader who sets high standards for herself and the people around her. You can read more about Mandy at  Mandy's secondary photo comes from the Home Opener against Edmonton. Members of Mandy's line were greeting fans as they came up the west bank of escalators. Posing for this photo are Jennifer, MaKenzie, Mandy, Brittany, Melanie, and Chrissy.
Jennifer, MaKenzie, Mandy, Brittany, Melanie, and Chrissy

From the Jills comes a photo from the 2005 squad. My season tickets are in the tunnel endzone and I can occasionally get some outstanding shots like this one. Shown cheering on the Bills from the endzone area are Katie K and Nicole P.
Katie K and Nicole P

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