Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bring Back The Jills!

This weekend, the Buffalo Bills are holding their annual Draft Party at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Saturday afternoon but there will be something notable missing...the Buffalo Jills. Missing will be the chance to meet these beautiful ambassadors for the Bills while you head into the stadium or go through the locker room tour. In past years, they've even performed on stage to lots and lots of applause. In 2009, when the Bills started this tradition of draft parties, veteran and rookie dancers alike performed on stage inside the stadium with the rookies showing off the routine that everyone had to learn to get through the 1st round of playoffs.
In 2014, the barren sidelines were a distraction and the lack of pro cheerleaders put the Bills in a minority in the NFL as only 3 other teams didn't have any pro-level cheerleaders at all. The Giants, Lions, and Browns all field unofficial squads who act as ambassadors for the teams without any compensation of any sort from the teams. There are some fans who may still be stuck on that high school stereotype that cheerleaders are stuck up but when it comes to the pros, nothing could be further from the truth. Helping others is what they're all about. The co-chair of the BvB organization, staging powder puff football games to raise money for Alzheimers, spent 8 season on the Jills. You'll see Jills alums participating in just about every charity event in WNYThere are some fans who don't believe we need them but they just lack the awareness that the rest of us have.
There are many reasons the Jills need to return to the sidelines.
When a girl grows up dancing and cheering, the avenues for continuing on with what she loves are limited and pro cheerleading is one of those avenues. The Buffalo Bandettes squad is currently the only active pro squad in Buffalo and as exclusive as an NFL Cheerleading squad is, the Bandettes dance team is even more so with a much smaller squad of around 15 girls as opposed to the 35-45 that the Jills have typically carried.
NFL Cheerleaders are a lot more than what is seen on the sidelines
o They visit US military bases across the country and overseas, providing service members with entertainment and a connection to home
o They participate in charity events across the region, helping to raise money for great causes
o They participate in community events with the players and, in many cases, in place of the players who are unable to due to practice and film study
o They visit schools to read to children and encourage them to do well in school and exercise
When not cheering, they’re students, nurses, teachers, business people, and business owners among other things
Cheerleading encourages hard work, dedication, teamwork, and attention to detail

What can we do to ensure that the Jills return? Educate those around you as to the benefits of having pro cheerleaders representing the Bills again. Let the Bills organization know that bringing back the Jills is important. Season ticket holders can do this easily through their ticket reps, who are there to address your concerns and pass them along to team officials.

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