Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Bandettes at the Bandits-Blackwolves game

After having last week off, the Bandits came into their matchup with New England at 7-6, hoping to go to 2 games above .500 for the 1st time all season. Unfortunately, the time off showed as passing was out of sync most all game long as the visiting Blackwolves kept the Bandits at bay most of the night, never allowing the Bandits to take the lead and utilizing a stifling defense to take advantage of the Bandits' miscues. With a 12-8 deficit with 8 minutes left in the game, the Bandits started connecting on passes more as well as some goals, enough to bring them to within 1. Unfortunately, it was too little too late and the Blackwolves were able to clamp down on the Bandits offense enough to maintain their lead and went home to Connecticut with a 12-11 win.
While the Bandits struggled, the NLL's premier dance team excelled even short 3 girls with Mandy, Janelle, and LaToya not in attendance. MaKenzie stepped up and helped Chrissy in running Mandy's line and the Bandettes never missed a beat. When we got to the game, we were greeted by Brittany and reigning Bandette of The Week Syidah, who were selling programs to the fans coming in the gates.
Reigning Bandette of The Week Syidah
After getting photos of those two beauties, it was up to the 100 level where the rest of the squad was stationed to sign their posters which, if you haven't heard, are pretty exceptional this season with the girls grouped by line on the posters. While waiting for the line to die down so I could grab a few photos, I caught up with Erin a bit, who was really looking forward to the 80s Night songs the girls would be dancing to all evening. While there, we even got a visit from Bandettes alum and 26Shirts model Ashley who was even showing off the Tavares shirt that she, Stephanie, Lauren, and Mandy modeled for the advertisements.
Cheri, Chrissy, and Lauren
Erin and Ashley
MaKenzie and Stephanie
After things got going, the Bandettes got into the spirit of 80s night as they spent half the game in 80s-themed workout gear, almost like in the video for the 1981 song "Physical" by Olivia Newton-John. MaKenzie stepped up in Mandy's absence, calling cadence in the 2nd quarter, keeping things running smoothly and showing she's more than just a beautiful dancer.
Syidah, Abby, and Stephanie in action
Brittany, MaKenzie, and Melanie

Finishing up spelling out Bandits during 3rd intermission
After their 3rd intermission performance, in which they spelled out Bandits with their pom-poms, always a crowd pleaser, the full squad spent the 4th quarter performing in the tunnel with Chrissy calling out cadence for the 1st half and Stephanie taking it for the 2nd half. When Stephanie was calling cadence, with Cheri to her left and my immediate right, I made sure to get a pic of Cheri cheering on a goal. Her 1st two seasons on the squad, she was always in position to get on camera cheering on a goal, and with her beauty, I know everyone loves seeing those pics.
Cheri cheering on a goal
Syidah, Stephanie, and Lauren
Brittany, Abby, and Chrissy
Late in the game, a little girl of about 4 or 5 years was sitting behind us and got the girls' attention for a photo. The Bandettes were more than happy to pose for her, bringing a huge smile to her face. Beyond the dancing and cheering on the team, making a positive impression on the younger generation like that is what it's all about. I'd wager that little girl will remember that moment for far longer than she will her Easter bunny visit.
posing for a photo for a little girl...she's probably still more excited about this than what the Easter Bunny brought her

See all the pics at
Up next for the Bandits, they're heading to Minnesota next Saturday night to swat the Swarm a 3rd time this season before taking a week off. They'll then be back at First Niagara Center with the beautiful Bandettes to play host to the Vancouver Stealth on Fight Cancer Night on April 25th.
As a little added bonus this week, a buddy came along with me to the game and took several photos of the game and the Bandettes....we'll be sharing some of those Bandettes pics over the next few weeks on our Facebook page at

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