Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Photos and videos from the Teasers reunion show

As our long-time readers probably remember, Jills alum Aimee L (2003) was the lead singer for a very popular cover band called The Teasers based out of Lockport, NY for a few years. Sadly, they called it quits about 2 years ago but their fanbase has been clamoring for a reunion for a good chunk of that time. Happily, they worked something out and put together a reunion show this past Saturday night at the Lockport Pub. Carrie G and The Runaways opened for them with drummer Brian Zapp pulling double duty drumming for his new band and his old band.
I got there a little after 10 myself after finishing up at the 716ers game and saw the Teasers guitarist, Parker Greenman, out front and caught up with him a little bit as the Runaways played. It wasn't long before we were joined by my friend Ashley, former lead singer of several groups, and Aimee. We all did some catching up until the Runaways finished their set upon which Aimee, Parker, and bassist Tony Truscio joined Brian on stage to set up. By the time I got a drink, they were just about to get started and I worked my way through the crowd a few rows from the stage. They mixed in some of the songs they'd been doing for most of their time together with a few newer songs. They even brought up Ashley to help out on "Heartbreaker" and then got Carrie G up for a song as well.
Parker, Aimee, and Brian

Aimee and Tony rocking it just like old times
Carrie G joins the Teasers for a song
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Overall, the reunion was a huge success for everyone involved. The Teasers showed they still had the magic that won them awards as WNY's Best Pop-Rock Band and Carrie G and the Runaways picked up a lot of new fans. The Lockport Pub also cashed in bigtime on the night as, despite long waits for drinks by many fans, they actually ran out of a lot of their well drinks.
While it's doubtful that we'll get the Teasers to re-form again for good (and I heard several people wanting them to), hopefully they'll find the time to put together some more reunions from time to time.

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