Your Lady 716ers coaches!

Your Lady 716ers coaches!
Director LaToya and Coordinator Loren

Friday, November 28, 2008

Buffalo Jill of The Week Holly

This week, we take a look at one of our rookie dancers as our Jill of The Week. Outgoing Holly can be found on gamedays on Nicole's line between Kristin B and Ayeshia and even when she's not in uniform, she's usually dancing. Anyone who knows her knows that she's pretty much the life of every party and loves to make people laugh. Beyond that, she's fiercely loyal to her friends and sticks by them through thick and thin. In fact, when asked about Holly's best qualities, close friend and former squadmate Dana said that her best qualities are that she is caring, friendly, outgoing, and always ready to help out a friend. She has a huge heart which may be part of why she made the career choice she did. She currently is an X-ray tech and is working towards a career as a heart surgeon! We already have one doctor on the squad in veterinarian Dr. Amanda and in a few years, assuming she sticks around on the squad (hopefully), we'll have Dr. Holly as well! But cutting people open isn't her only focus. Prior to joining the Jills, she cheered all throughout her school years and even won 5 National titles in 9 years as part of an all-star cheerleading squad. You can read more about the fun-loving Holly at

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