Your Lady 716ers coaches!

Your Lady 716ers coaches!
Director LaToya and Coordinator Loren

Friday, May 15, 2009

Buffalo Jill of The Week Alecia

This week, we take a look at one of last year's rookies who chose not to return this year. Alecia spent the season dancing on Omarlla's line between Christina and Dr Amanda after putting in 6 years of cheerleading through her school years, as well as 10 years of dance. Currently keeping busy with things like waitressing, she's looking at a career in the fashion industry and wants to learn from the best, hoping to study in Italy as well as the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. While she chose not to return this year, the possibility is there that she might return at some point in the future, like 3 members of this year's squad did. Through her time on the squad, she made a lot of friends, including a few alumni she never cheered with and, like many of her squadmates, found out a lot about herself and found doors open for her for opportunities for future success. You can read more about Alecia at

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