Your veteran Buffalo Bandettes!

Your veteran Buffalo Bandettes!
Stephanie, Mandy, Jennifer, MaKenzie, Janelle, and Syidah

Friday, May 1, 2009

Buffalo Jill of The Week Valerie

This week, we take a look at now-4th year veteran dancer Valerie as our Jill of The Week. Found on Jamie's line last season between Lonna and Amelina, Val seems to be one of the most popular members of the Buffalo Jills. That applies not only to her squadmates who love her sense of humor and fun-loving nature, but the fans as well who love her beauty as well as the personality that shines through in her photos. Whether it be on the field or hanging out with friends, she's a young lady who lives to have fun and always does her best to make sure everyone else is having fun as well. And when I say her best, I mean she goes above and beyond. For the 2nd straight year, Valerie has consented to be the "prize" in a contest run by 97Rock, in which lucky school students vie for a chance to take the lovely Valerie to their prom. Check out the contest at
Beyond that, Valerie is also a photographer's dream as she's always flashing a big smile for the camera and either making sexy and fun poses or, when she's not in Jills uniform, wearing stuff like outrageous hats like she did when she, Lynn, Lisa, Danielle, and Alecia were tending bar at Bayou back in November. You can read more about Valerie at and don't forget to check out her 97Rock photo album at

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