Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Buffalo Jill making it in Hollywood

By now, we all know about Amanda P (2005-07) and the If I Can Dream project, a project that wasn't working for her. The lack of freedom was an issue and it seemed she didn't get as many auditions set up for her as expected. Nowadays she's setting up her own online jewelry business but still planning to return to Hollywood to try to make it big. Thankfully, she has someone setting an example of success for her now with a role on a television series. Theresa spent the 1998- 2001 seasons with the Jills and started out the 2002 season before departing for Hollywood to work on her acting career. A guest-starring role on La Femme Nikita before she joined the Jills gave her the idea that she could make it as an actress and worked in theatre in NYC and Toronto before putting in a lot more work in guest-starring spots in various television shows like Entourage and Nip/Tuck. Now she doesn't have to worry about landing a guest spot on a show as she's one of the stars on cop drama "The Bridge" which airs Saturday nights at 8pm on CBS. The show also airs on CTV out of Canada on Friday nights. Her character, Billy, a feisty, tough, and funny street cop. As a young female on the squad, she is always trying to prove herself to the guys, but the work she does makes that unnecessary. Check out this story on Theresa and Billy on the show's website at and be sure to tune in on CTV or CBS this weekend. The show debuted in March on CTV and last week on CBS and is airing the 2nd episode of the series this weekend on CBS. Check out the pilot episode at

Also, stay tuned as we'll have a more in-depth feature on Theresa and her acting career in the coming weeks.

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