Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Buffalo Pro Cheer Photos of The Week

This week, we take a look at the Jills ambassadors with our Photos of The Week. In order to see these young ladies on gameday, you need to make sure you visit the 97Rock and 103.3 The Edge Tailgate parties prior to the game. In addition to meeting the Jills, buying calendars, and getting your photo with these beautiful young ladies, the staff at the tailgate parties are usually running some games or something worth checking out as well. You can also meet a pair of Jills ambassadors in the Fieldhouse as well where they're meeting with fans as well as playing a bit of Family Feud with the fans. After that, those two will be circulating the stadium with Billy Buffalo much of the game.
The 1st photo features most of the Jills ambassador veterans who have returned to the squad. This photo was taken at the Jills Open Practice and features, from left to right, Ambassador Squad co-captain Amanda F, 2nd year vets Ruby, Lindsay, and Alyssa, and 4th year vets Laura and Vincenza. Laura, as everyone should know, has her own mini TV series on ESPN2 called Redfield Redzone and Vincenza returns to the Ambassador Squad this year after a year on Omarlla's dance line last season. Not pictured here are Ambassador Squad Captain Keisha, 2nd year vet Courteney, and 3rd year vet Michelle, who switched over to the Ambassador Squad about a month ago, much to the delight of her fellow ambassadors and to the dismay of the dancers.

The 2nd photo features most of the rookies from the Jills 2010 Ambassador Squad with only Meghan missing from the photo. From left to right we have Sara S, Sara J, Gina, Jessica, and Taryn. I don't know Sara S that well yet but Sara J is the latest in a long line who can only be described as persistent. She missed the cut to make the squad her first time trying out but is in some great company in that regard joining such names as Keisha, Amanda F, Katie K, Lisa, Jills alumnus Amanda P, and Jills director Stephanie M as girls who missed the cut their 1st try but came back to tryout again to make the cut. Gina and Jessica have been introduced already but Taryn, hailing from Canada is known for more than her height and long legs, though she does hear about those features a LOT. She's known more for being a bit indecisive in some small ways, being a vegetarian, and being known as the Canadian version of Ruby, something which has helped the two bond quite well.

You can meet all the ambassadors and the dancers at the 8th Annual Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament at Westwood Country Club on August 2nd. There are still some tickets available for this popular event which features golf, lunch, dinner, entertainment, and games for $125 a person, the same price it's been for several years. It's rather nice that, in this economy where prices go up all the time, this great event retains the same price. Get all the details at
From the Bandettes, we feature a photo of Alexis and Beth at the late January game against the Minnesota Swarm in a photo taken early in the 1st quarter. Alexis was in her 2nd season on the squad and brings a fun personality in addition to her beauty to the Bandettes. Beth took 2009 off from the squad due to too much else going on but missed it so much she came back to the squad she started dancing with in 2006. She didn't just come back to dance though as she was named Justina's co-captain for the 2010 Buffalo Bandettes.

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