Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A few updates from our TV and acting Jills

I'll start off in chronological order, with 1998-2002 Jills alumnus Theresa Joy. CBS regrettably pulled her series "The Bridge" from its 8pm Saturday night slot and its future in the US is up in the air. They may bring it back at a later date or sell the rights to the show to cable as they do hold the exclusive rights to the series in the United States. There is an avenue there for the fans to voice their displeasure and try to get CBS to reinstate the show soon. There's a petition up at and there's also contact info there to send snail mail to CBS at that link. Personally, I find cop dramas to be very formulaic and unimaginative (How many CSI series are there now?) but this show is well-worth watching and hopefully we'll see it again in the US. Thankfully for Theresa and the rest of the cast, CTV not only aired the entire 1st season but renewed the series with filming starting back up in September.

Also, there is a special exclusive feature being done with Theresa here at the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for that!

Amanda P (2005-07) left the If I Can Dream project almost 3 months ago and launched her jewelry collection just a few weeks ago at but If I Can Dream hasn't forgotten about her. Considering she brought so much attention to the project, they'd be rather silly to do so. Last week, they put together a series of videos and clips to pay homage to her and to look back at some of what she did in the Dream House. Check it out at or watch it right on the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog

Finally, last but certainly not least is current Buffalo Jills Ambassador Laura. Her show Redfield Redzone on ESPN2 is going strong and it features her in a very different locale than Ralph Wilson Stadium, as she'll be spending each show learning and teaching more about hunting, archery, and fishing every show. The 4-minute vignettes are designed to give fans just a taste of what Laura is about but a full half hour show is the goal for next season's shows. Shows air each Sunday morning from now until September 19th with 8:56am ET showings as well as a few earlier showings the next 4 weeks.

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