Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Buffalo Jill of The Week Stacy

This week's Jill of The Week is 2nd year vet Stacy. 2010 saw a number of Jills alumni attempt a comeback and Stacy was one of the two, along with Anna, that made that comeback. She was with the squad for a portion of the 2007 season before she got a job in NYC with her accounting degree. She came back home to Buffalo a couple of years later and is currently working towards getting her nursing degree. Unfortunately, history repeated itself in 2010 as Stacy was an early departure from the squad due to a heavy courseload, but not before making many new memories and friends with the squad. She spent her gamedays dancing on Eileen's line between Eileen and Katie and even though she left the squad, she's still treated by the girls she cheered with as if she never left. She considers herself to be on the shy side and, except for when she's dancing, that's actually pretty accurate. She is kind of quiet at first to an extent but still does her best to get along with everyone until she gets to know people, after which she's a lot more open with them. Even when she doesn't know someone that well, her friendly smile and demeanor made her a fan favorite, both on the field and at events like at the Jills softball game held last in 2007. Stacy's secondary photo is from the preseason game against the Bengals. Shown here are Eileen, Stacy, Katie, and Nicole.

She hadn't been with the squad in 2 1/2 years when she tried her comeback and, as seen in her tryout video with Reena, she still had the moves.

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