Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Bandettes bios are up and Bandette of The Week schedule!

With the Bandits Opener coming up on January 14th at First Niagara Center, it has to be remembered that the Bandettes squad has undergone some major changes since last year. The 18-girl squad was first introduced to the public at the Bandits Open Practice on December 17th as well as at the Meet and Greet that evening. Now you can get to know them a little better as the Bandettes webpage is now up-to-date at
Also, with the Bandettes bios up, I was able to put together the Bandette of The Week schedule. Like with the Jill of The Week series, each girl on the squad gets her own feature. While the Jills' features are based on the calendar, the Bandettes' features are being determined totally randomly with the exception of the captains.

  • 1/14-1/20 Kirsten (captain)
  • 1/21-1/27 Danielle
  • 1/28-2/3 Carissa
  • 2/4-2/10 Lauren K
  • 2/11-2/17 Noelle
  • 2/18-2/24 Krista
  • 2/25-3/2 Ria
  • 3/3-3/9 Ashley
  • 3/10-3/16 Alicia
  • 3/17-3/23 Stephanie O
  • 3/24-3/30 Jessica
  • 3/31-4/6 Amanda
  • 4/7-4/13 Melissa
  • 4/14-4/20 Stephanie G
  • 4/21-4/27 Chelsea
  • 4/28-5/5 Chrissy
  • 5/6-5/12 Stephanie C
  • 5/13-5/19 Lauren B (captain)

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