Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pics from the Jills Comedy Show

One of the big events in Buffalo every year is the Buffalo Jills Comedy Show. The event, which raises money to help the Jills exist, was held at the Tralf Music Hall this year and featured, for a second straight year, master hypnotist Jerry Valley, who's been a featured performer at the Eric County Fair the last 17 years. Last year, several Jills went on stage to be a part of the act but none of them went the distance as far as staying under hypnosis. This year was different as Lindsey and Jaclyn went on stage and Jaclyn was there the whole show.
Jill, Natalie, Melissa, and Myesha working on their routine
Omarlla, Sara, Courteney, and Loren
Jerry Valley gives Alyssa a kiss
Jenny and Melissa
Jills alumni Danielle (2006-09) and Jennifer (2008-09)
After I got there and spent some time talking with Nichole's husband and directing the girls on where to go, I grabbed a few photos of the dancers on stage working through the routine they were going to perform for the fans.Included in the performance was someone who hasn't performed since the Draft party last April...Jill!

After they finished rehearsing, they joined the Jills Ambassadors in greeting the fans coming in for the show as well as engaged in selling raffle tickets and posing for plenty of photos. Included in the group of people there for the show were a few alumni, Danielle S (2006-09), Jennifer (2008-09), and Stacy (2007,10)

After everyone took their seats, it was time for the show to start and to lead it off, the Jills dancers took the stage in 2 groups to perform  Even with a month off, or several months in Jill's case, once the music started playing, the girls showed no signs of rust and the fans loved the performance

Jerry Valley gives a demonstration
Jerry Valley with most of the show participants
After the Jills finished their performance, it was time for the main event as Jerry Valley took the spotlight and, after a few anecdotes about some of his experiences on cruise ships and some demonstrations of his abilities, he brought up some volunteers to submit to being subjects in the show, 2nd year vets Lindsey and Jaclyn included. He ran the subjects through a series of scenarios, weeding out the ones who didn't take to the hypnosis on this try, until he ended up with 7 participants, including the back cover girl of the 2011-12 Jills Swimsuit Calendar, Jaclyn!
portraying vampires for a part in a movie

While most of what they did you just had to be there for or get the DVD, I will share one video. In one of the scenarios, Jerry had the participants convinced Jennifer Lopez was at the front of the audience auditioning backup dancers for her upcoming tour. Jerry had them each first talk to JLo and then put on a performance to the tune of "Let's Get Loud." As shown in the video, Jaclyn's dancing abilities are still fully functioning under hypnosis and drew a lot of cheers from everyone in the audience, not just her squadmates.

See all the pics at
Jerry with the Jills

Jerry and Jaclyn

Coming up next for the Jills, Valerie will be appearing in the Pro Bowl tonight on NBC while Omarlla and Lisa get set to take off in a few days for a troop visit in Singapore! Tryouts for the 2012 squad, slated for April, will be announced in the next few weeks! There will be several empty spots to fill even if every vet who tries out makes it back with 1 girl, Gabrielle, already gone and Murissa leaving after 4 seasons on the sidelines and in front of the camera.

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