Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Buffalo Jill of The Week Amber

This week, we take a look at rookie Ambassador Amber as our Buffalo Jill of The Week. She describes herself as energetic, outgoing, and passionate but she left out the fact that she's also pretty intelligent. She's made the Dean's List every semester in her college career thus far. She's also pretty much any Buffalonian's dream girl as she's a huge Buffalo sports fan. Instead of a place like the Chophouse or Salvatore's, a perfect date to her would be a Buffalo sporting event and then wings afterwards. Obviously she's not the type to overdo it on the wings though as evidenced by how great she looks in uniform...or in the new Jills calendar, where she's photographed at Catalyst Fitness. When you look at her hidden talents, singing, it's disappointing the Jills don't have the events they once had as maybe Amber could be convinced to perform like Aimee and Keiyonna did back in 2006. See her pics at Amber's secondary photo comes from the Bills-Panthers game when she was helping handle promotions for the day. Coming off the field near the end of the 3rd quarter are Ashley and Amber.
Ashley and Amber

From the Bandettes comes a photo from the March game against the Colorado Mammoth. The Bandettes have been wearing different outfits, including Daisy Dukes and flannels, for several seasons, inspiring the Jills to do it a few times. Shown performing at 1st intermission are Jessica, Brianna A, Brianna V, Cheri, and Chrissy. We'll see them back in action alongside a few new squadmates starting December 28th!
Jess, Brianna A, Brianna V, Cheri, and Chrissy

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