Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Buffalo Jill of The Week Hannah

This week, we take a look at our 1st rookie as the Buffalo Jill of The Week. Officially, Hannah is a rookie but if you were to get technical about it, she's not as new to this as other rookies. She actually made the squad in 2012 but left early. This isn't the 1st time this has happened as in 2005, Kristen M made the Jills and even got in the calendar. But like Hannah, she left the squad early and returned the next season. The other similarity is that they're both gorgeous. Dancing on Christina's line on gamedays, she can be found between Christina and Melissa. A radiology major in college, Hannah's excited to be continuing her cheering into the pro ranks and is probably the luckiest rookie on the squad dancing between the 2 Jills with more time in the pros than anyone else. Looking through Hannah's bio, it seems she'd get along great with some of Melissa's ex-squadmates from the Bandettes. The reason for that? She's a major Disney fan and would love to work at Disney World portraying Belle from Beauty and The Beast if she could. She's such a fan, she can quote almost every Disney movie. Even though it seems she goes to Disney every year, I wonder if even Bandettes choreographer Erin Y can match Hannah's fandom. See all of Hannah's pics at Hannah's secondary pic is from Stampede Row before the Lions preseason game. Shown in the pic are Lisa, Allysha, Hannah, Kristina, and Shelby G.
Lisa, Allysha, Hannah, Kristina, and Shelby G

From the Bandettes comes a photo from the Bandits home game against the Edmonton Rush in March. The Bandits won't be hosting the Rush in 2014 but traveling to Edmonton in March. Shown performing in the 4th quarter are Stephanie O and Kirsten. We'll see them and the rest of the 2014 Buffalo Bandettes performing at First Niagara Center again starting December 28th!
Stephanie O and Kirsten

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