Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, August 8, 2014

2008 Buffalo Jills Congratulatory Party-revisited

In 2008, the Buffalo Jills moved their event schedule almost exclusively to Club Paradise, a nightclub in Blasdell, NY. On NFL Draft Weekend, when the Buffalo Bandits were finishing up their regular season schedule, the Buffalo Jills were setting up their annual Congratulatory Party, to introduce the new squad to the fans. With the Bandits game going on, I showed up later than normal, staying at the game until after 3rd intermission and making it to the party just as it was starting.
Vincenza and Brandi

Amanda F and Sarah
In some ways, it was a typical Jills event in the form of raffles and 50-50 drawings but there was also an added feature. Early in the evening, 97Rock's DJ Jickster brought all the rookies out in front of the stage area and then selected some of the girls to answer Bills trivia questions. One of the requirements of being a Jill is the ability to talk about the Bills and this was just a little test to see how much they had to learn. Some of the questions were pretty basic but some were a bit trickier. Ali, for one, tried to get one of the easier ones but to no avail.
Ali tries flashing her incredible smile to get an easier question as Lonna, Lynn, and Murissa look on
The squad posing with the owner of Club Paradise
Val, Lynn, Kelly, and Kristin B
rookies Stephanie Br, Amelina, Jackie, and Anna
Lonna and Kelly
Jess and her dancing buddy
After the Q & A session, the entire squad, minus the few that had other appearances, came out in front of the stage to pose for photos both for and with the fans before taking a break to mingle with fans, friends, and family. I spent some of my time talking to Lonna. Lonna was a rookie dancer on the squad who really seemed to have it together and when I saw her at tryouts, I figured she was a good choice to make the squad. Of course no, Jills event would be complete without a dance performance and for the 1st time, instead of just having a small select group performing, they added a special twist. They had a small select group of vets perform before bringing on some of the rookies to perform the tryout routine. After they finished, the vets joined them for a performance to a remix of JLo's "Do It Well."

Toi, Brandi, and Keisha in the back with Jill, Kristina, and Alecia seated
Tiffany, Jenica, and Jess
Afterwards, everyone spent the rest of the evening relaxing and mingling before Club Paradise started their weekly line dancing session, when many of the girls hit the dance floor with the rest of the club's patrons. I spent my time with vets and rookies alike, including rookie Tiffany, an engaging conversationalist who spent her entire high school career as a cheerleader before deciding to give the Jills Ambassador Squad a shot.
You can see all the pics at
From the Bandettes comes a photo from the 2nd Toronto Rock game. As part of the annual Jr Bandettes game, the Bandettes were joined by their younger counterparts on the field in pregame and as they welcomed the Bandits to the floor for the start of the game. Shown among the many Jr Bandettes in this photo are Mandy and Chrissy.
Mandy and Chrissy along the Jr Bandettes

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