Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, August 15, 2014

2008 Buffalo Men's Show-revisited

In 2008, Citadel Radio teamed up with the US Army to put together what would become an annual event dedicated to men with big boy "toys," celebs, and beautiful women. To help with that last part, the 2008 Buffalo Jills were recruited to appear and perform at the Agri-Center at the Hamburg Fairgrounds where this 1st Men's Show took place. Included at the show in addition to the Jills were appearances by players from the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres, Playboy Playmate Shannon James, and CW23's Lydia Dominick among others.
I got there a few hours into the event and, unfortunately missed a few of the Jills, including Katie K. I know this because shortly after I  got there, I ran into her boyfriend and hung out with him for a bit after grabbing a few photos of the girls that were there greeting fans and posing for photos in a photo booth that was set up. After  he left, I spent some time with rookie dancer Shana, who was getting set to leave herself after her friends were done checking out a few things. As it turns out, Shana had never been to an NFL game before. Shana moved to Buffalo on her own to attend UB after having  grown up in Oakland, California. As sher told me, her daddy wasn't going to let his little girl anywhere near the kind of rowdiness known to exist at Raiders games.
Shana, Danielle, Dana, Jill R, and Toi
Stephanie Br, Lonna, Val, and  Amelina with Jickster

Shana with a couple of her friends
Before too long, the Jills took the stage for a rousing dance performance with Stephanie Br, Val, Amelina, Omarlla, and Ayeshia taking the stage for a 3-pack of dance remixes and the rookies, despite being on the squad for only a few weeks, meshed extraordinarily well with the vets.

After the performance, Omarlla, Val, and Ayeshia went around the show for a little while mingling with the fans while Stephanie and Amelina were joined by Lisa and Lonna, first at the photo booth, and then, while Playmate Shannon James and Lydia Dominick were at the photo booth, out on the floor of the show. I  joined the girls out on the floor, as the stage was taken over by a bikini fashion show with some models from 97Rock. One of the booths the girls stopped at was that of former Bills G Ruben Brown, who was there promoting his annual motorcycle run, which helps raise money for youth service and enrichment programs. He brought along one of his bikes which the girls posed with.
Stephanie Br, Lisa, Lonna, and Amelina with Ruben Brown and one of his bikes
Afterwards, they decided to check out some of the games that were set up, with Lisa and Amelina showing off their QB skills before Lonna showed off her skills on the guitar with the Guitar Hero game set up.
Lisa showing off her throwing arm
Lonna on Guitar Hero
Eventually, the show started winding down and I spent a little bit of time with Lydia as she checked out Ruben's bike and posed with a few fans at his bile, including a little boy who had been at the Bandits game the night before with his father seated near me. He was even still rocking the Mohawk-esque hairstyle.
Ruben and honorary Jill Lydia Dominick posing on his bike
You can see all the pics at
From the Bandettes comes a photo from the 2nd home game against the Toronto Rock. I grabbed this shot during the 1st quarter when members of Kirsten's line were performing to the music. Shown here are Chrissy and Lauren  K.
Chrissy and Lauren K

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