Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, August 22, 2014

2008 Toy Fund appearance-revisited

This week, we take a look back at an appearance from the summer of 2008, a charity appearance in which the Niagara Falls Fire Department raises funds to purchase toys for the children who might not otherwise be able to get any for Christmas. This is a drive they do every year with various events throughout the year. One event they've done over the years  is a 75-mile motorcycle run in June going from Wheatfield to the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Niagara Falls. In 2008, one of the sponsors of the motorcycle run was 97Rock and DJ Jickster was on hand as the master of ceremonies and members of the Buffalo Jills were on hand to help with the festivities.
I got there as the folks from 97Rock were just finishing getting set up, before the festivities got going and Jickster and I took that opportunity to head down to the Falls. Truth be told, a lot of Western New Yorkers take the Falls for granted because it's something we can check out anytime we want. Many of us leave it for the tourists, though and we're missing out not taking it all in on occasion. When we made it back, he started getting ready to go to work while I kept an eye out for the Jills who were going to be there. It wasn't long before I spotted Amanda F driving by in uniform, looking for a parking spot. Jickster gave a groan when he found out she was coming, only because they always had such a great working relationship, complete with light teasing back and forth, similar to the one I had with Ambassador Squad captain Kelly H. It wasn't long until Jenica and Vincenza arrived on the scene as well. They wasted little time getting to work as they spent time selling raffle tickets and posing for photos with fans, only taking a break to pose for photos on the Niagara Falls Fire Department's firetruck along with several of the firefighters.
Jenica, Amanda F, and Vincenza with Jickster

posing up on the firetruck
Anna and Murissa with the lady helping run things for the event
Murissa with some of her biggest fans
After their shift was done, it was time for the rookies to take over as Anna and Murissa took their spots for the rest of the day and Murissa didn't come alone as much of her family was there in support. However, their shift officially lasted past the end of the event and when their contact didn't have anything else for them to help with, the two of them took a walk with me down by the Falls, greeting fans along the way. After a short photo-shoot, we went back to see the girls' contact, who gave them permission to head out a little early.
A beautiful sight...Anna and Murissa with the Falls in the background
You can see all the pics at
From the Bandettes comes a photo from 1st intermission of the 2nd home game against the Toronto Rock. Prior to heading out for their performance, some of the girls wanted photos taken. Shown posing for a photo are Amanda and Chrissy.
Amanda and Chrissy

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