Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Some updates from around the NFL-GCC, TopCats, and Falcons Cheerleaders

Just like anyone else, NFL Cheerleaders sometimes move to other areas on the country and some even take up pom-poms for new teams. In the case of the Jills, there are 3 such young ladies who've served on the sidelines at the Ralph over the past few years.
First up is Natalie (2010-11) who served on the Gotham City Cheerleaders Ref Squad for a part of the 2013 season and landed the January 2014 spot in their annual calendar. This season, that squad is having their calendar release party next Saturday, September 6th at Bar Anticipation 703 16th Ave Lake Como, NJ from 4-7pm. The Gotham City Cheerleaders are one of 3 unofficial cheerleading squads in the NFL and focus their efforts on cheering on the NY Giants with appearances around the NYC area and dance performances outside Met Life Stadium.
You can get tickets at and learn more about the Gotham City Cheerleaders at

Ashley in action
Ashley W spent the 2008 season and a portion of 2009 with the Jills and moved down to North Carolina within a few years. It wasn't long before the desire to get back on the sidelines prompted her to tryout for and make the Carolina Panthers TopCats cheerleaders. Now in her 3rd season on the squad, she's now a captain as well as an enterpreneur working to motivate and coach people towards their fitness goal. Follow the TopCats on Twitter at and support Ashley at
Lindsey on the sidelines at the Georgia Dome
Last, but not least, we come to Lindsey C. She spent the 2010-2012 seasons with the Jills, ending her career on the sidelines of the Ralph in September of 2013. She's spent a lot of time down south with family over the years and found a job down there and her time away from the sidelines was, thankfully, short-lived as she joined up with the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders this season. The Falcons Cheerleaders each have their own social media accounts for the fans to root on their favorites. You can find Lindsey at , and at

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