Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, December 5, 2014

2010-11 Buffalo Bandits Open Practice-revisted

Normally, the Bandits Open Practice is the 1st time that the public gets to meet the Bandettes or see them in action. In 2010 however, the Bandettes actually did perform before the Open Practice when they joined the Jills, several Jills alumnae, and dancers from Fusion Dance Studio in Toronto performing along with Hinder at the Bears-Bills game at the Rogers Centre. While I didn't get to meet any of the rookies that day, though I did get a chance to talk to some of the vets like Lauren S, Kirsten, Stephanie, and Chelsea, I did at least recognize the new faces from getting some photos and video of them in Toronto.
LB, Jessica, Danielle, and Justina
Melissa, Chrissy, Lauren S, Stephanie G, Beth, Krista, and Ashley
Squad photo!
Chrissy, Jessica M, Jessica H, Kirsten, Lauren S, and Chelsea
One of the most unique things at this open practice was a wrestling match in which players would challenge one another for bragging rights. At one point, late in the wrestling session, Jaclyn asked the girls if a pair of them would like to go out and challenge one of the players. The previous season, during the games, LB was usually right beside me and anytime that the players got into it, she got a little excited but couldn't do much to show it. Needless to say, LB was more than ready to go out to join in the wrestling match and she got rookie Jessica M to join her. When they reached the ring, they challenged Bandits enforcer Brandon Francis, who had been undefeated throughout the session. LB was the more vocal of the pair while Jessica was taking it all in. Brandon backed down from LB and Jessica, which only got LB even more fired up. Brandon conceded to the girls and I don't think LB could've smiled any bigger as she and Jessica left the turf to rejoin their squadmates.
Jessica M and LB out in the wrestling ring

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From the 2013 Buffalo Jills comes a photo from last year's Ravens game. This photo was taken at the end of the 1st quarter when Christina's line was changing sections. Shown as they walk past the tunnel are Christina and Taylor.
Christina and Taylor

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