Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Introducing the Buffalo 716ers Dancers!

Professional basketball has had an up-and-down existence in Buffalo. The Buffalo Braves still have a devoted fanbase who want to see an NBA team return to Buffalo after the Braves left for the west coast to play in San Diego and then LA as the Clippers. In the past decade, three seperate minor league franchises have set up shop in Buffalo before folding and the 716ers are hoping the 4th one is the charm, playing in the Premier Basketball League for a 2nd season. Playing their home games at Tapestry Charter School just south of Hertel Avenue in North Buffalo just off Delaware Avenue, the games are affordable at $7 a ticket and this season feature a dance team that performs at intermissions and halftime.
With this being my 1st game covering the 716ers Girls, I had no idea what to expect so I kind of played it by ear. I never saw the squad's coaches when I was there which I found different but the squad seemed to be well-prepared from what I could tell. When I got there, I grabbed a seat in the stands not far from a rookie on the Bandettes who knows some members of the squad as well as some of the players.
Since I wasn't totally sure how to approach working with a brand new squad like this, I stuck to shooting video of their performances as well as a few stills of them in action. Hopefully as the season goes on, I'll get more photos and video of them in action.

For the people who really want to lure the NBA back to Buffalo, I definitely encourage you to go to these games. Besides the fact that these are professional basketball players representing Buffalo who deserve the support, a top league like the NBA will only take notice if the passion for pro basketball is high in the area. Back in the mid-90s, when MLB was looking at expanding, Buffalo had a strong shot at getting a franchise for one reason...Buffalo Bisons games had a lot of support. The support the AAFC Buffalo Bills got is also a huge reason that Ralph Wilson Jr placed the AFL's Bills in Buffalo as well.
As far as the game itself, Buffalo took an early lead behind Antonio Speed and Glenroy Carr and never looked back, sending the Titans back to Lynchburg after getting crushed by a score of 127-82 in front of a sold-out crowd for the Home Opener.
Coming up next for the 716ers and 716ers Girls, the Erie Hurricane blow into Buffalo Saturday at 2pm!

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