Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, December 12, 2014

The 3rd Annual Blondes Vs Brunettes Buffalo game-revisited

In 2011, the Blondes Vs Brunettes organization held their 3rd Annual game at Sweet Home High School and for that year, they had members of the Buffalo Bandettes dance team on hand to cheer them on and help out. For me, it was pretty cool to have the Bandettes there instead of the Jills only because I hadn't seen any of the Bandettes since the end of the Bandits season. I also was able to get a few updates as far as Bandettes tryouts and the news that Lauren S was calling it a career. Also, Noelle told me that she wasn't sure about returning for a 2nd season and was thinking about giving the Jills a shot. As it turned out, she did return to the Bandettes but a few years later, she made the 2014 Buffalo Jills. Of course she never got to take the field but hopefully will return for 2015 once the suit is settled and a new team-run squad is set up by the Buffalo Bills.
Bandettes at the BvB Game
waiting for the balloon release
While the Bandettes were selling raffle tickets, cheering, and interacting with a fraternity from UB that was on hand as cheerleaders themselves, there was a game going on. Bandettes alum Jenn C (2001) and the Brunettes took down the Blondes by a score of 15-7 in a game that featured not only Jenn, but several more former Buffalo pro cheerleaders/dancers. Danielle H and Tammy helped Jenn rep the Brunettes after all had spent time on the Jills while Jills alum Desiree joined an injured Amanda F (Jills 2001-03, Bandettes 2006-07) in repping the Blondes.
on the sidelines
Halftime posing with the cheerleaders
with Bandettes alum Amanda F
You can see all the pics at
Of course with an outstanding dance squad like the Bandettes on hand, they just had to do a halftime dance performance and obliged the fans with a great routine led off with some of Noelle's gymnastics.

From the Jills comes a photo from the 2013 game against the Chiefs. Occasionally, I've been able to get a few outstanding shots of the girls coming out of the tunnel, like this one taken at the start of the game. Shown on their way out to the field are Emmy and Allysha.
Emmy and Allysha

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