Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, December 26, 2014

2011-12 Bandits Open Practice and Meet-and-Greet-revisited

The 2011-12 Bandits Open Practice brought forth a number of notable changes. For one, this was the 1st one without Melissa since 2004 after she moved on to the Buffalo Jills late in the 2011 Bandits season. Beth, Jessica, Justina, and Lauren S all retired as well, with Beth having joined the Jills alongside Melissa. A mini-Ambassador Squad was formed for 2011 with 3rd year vet Ashley heading that up with rookies Ria and Amanda joining her in appearing at pregame parties and doing suite visits during the games.
ambassadors Ria and Amanda
While the Bandits went through the 1st portion of their practice, Ria and Amanda circulated through the stands selling tickets to their Meet and Greet to be held that evening. When the team took a short break, the dancers came out and put on 2 performances for the fans, including their tryout performance. After the performance, they came out to join Ashley, Ria, and Amanda in greeting fans and posing for photos around the arena. Meghan was on hand as well with her kids and posed for a few photos, including one alongside a former protege. Rookie Stephanie O had Meghan as a dance teacher just a few years before.
Lauren K, LB, Carissa, Ashley, Stephanie G, Chrissy, Amanda, Melissa, and Jessica
Ria, Chelsea, Stephanie O, Meghan and her kids, Stephanie C, Krista, and Noelle
See all the photos at
Something unique in 2011-12 was a Meet-and-Greet Fundraiser held at Cobblestone Bar that evening to raise funds to help with uniform costs. For me, with a Bills home game the following day, that made for a busy weekend in Buffalo so after the Open Practice, I checked into a hotel for the night before heading back downtown for the Meet-and-Greet.
Joining them were several players from the Bandits, including fan favorites like Johnny Tavares and Mark Steenhuis, and several Bandettes alumni. Showing up to support their younger sisters were former coach Erin J, Jenni (2001), Leeanne (2004), Erin H (2004-08), Kimberly (2004-08), Korinne (2003,08), Lauren S, (2009-11), and Meghan (2006-10).
 Lauren S, Erin J, Erin H, Kimberly, Jaclyn, LeeAnn, and Meghan

Stephanie C, Lauren K, Alicia, Carissa, LB, Chelsea, and Stephanie O
Jenn, Erin J, and Ashley
Amanda, Ashley, and Noelle

The 2012 Buffalo Bandettes (minus Ria, Amanda, Kirsten and Danielle)
The Bandettes sold tickets for a 50-50 raffle, Chinese Auction items, and a TV set to help support the cause. They even had a special Bandette-ini drink that was available for purchase on this special night. See all the photos at
From the 2013 Buffalo Jills comes a photo from last year's home finale against Miami. The Jills were dressed in their Santa outfits for the game and handling promotions for the day were these two Ambassadors. Shown posing for the camera are Ashley P and Dana.
Ashley P and Dana

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