Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, May 15, 2015

2009 Buffalo Bills Draft Party-revisited

Over the last few years, the Buffalo Bills having draft parties for their season ticket holders has become the norm but it wasn't always that way. In 2009, the last year that the draft was held completely on the weekend, the Bills held their first of these annual draft parties, holding it in the stadium for all their season ticket holders. Beforehand, the lots were open a few hours before it started, allowing fans to engage in a little bit of offseason tailgating before going inside. Even as we tailgated, other fans lined up to go in about an hour before they opened the gate. All during the tailgate, while we were parked near the stadium, the Jills dancers were practicing inside the stadium. I knew this only because the familiar tune of Kelli Wagner's remix of "Boom, Boom Pow" was playing over the stadium speakers. The Bills hadn't expected such a huge turnout apparently and only opened 1 gate that day so it was a slow-moving line once it got moving.
Ruby, Katy, Lindsay, Kristen, and Kelly Ann
Waiting in lines is far from anyone's favorite thing so my friends and I waited until the line died down to make our way in and we were greeted by 5 rookie members of the Jills ambassador squad. After we got inside the stadium, most of my group went up to check out the Jim Kelly Club while I went down on the field for a little while to take some more photos. Before I got far, I ran into Stefanie and Kaitlin, who introduced me to rookie beauty Julie. After I spent some time with them, taking some photos, I went over near the stage where several more of the Jills were posing with young fans. I took several more photos while visiting with the vets and meeting more of the rookies before I saw a few familiar faces. Justina of the Bandettes was there for the event with her sister as was 2003-06 Jills alum Lisa Y.
Stefanie, Julie, and Kaitlin
Stephanie B, Katie K, Omarlla, Lisa, Ayeshia, Jill, and Murissa
Jess, Jackie, Amanda F, and Nicole P
Eileen, Anna, Liz, and Angelina

After spending some time with various groups of Jills taking photos and meeting a few more rookies, it was time for the Jills dancers to do what they do best as they took the stage about a half hour into the actual draft for 4 dance performances.

After performing, the Jills went back to mingling with the fans until the Bills went on the clock for their 1st round pick, upon which most everyone in the became focused on the pick being made. Afterwards, they went back onstage for another pair of performances before the dancers were done for the day.
Joya, Kelly, Jenica, Caity, Ashley, and Gabrielle
The dancers may have been done for the day but the Ambassadors were still on hand as fans toured the Bills' gameday locker room. At the end of the tour, fans got to take a photo in the Bills Press Briefing room with a pair of the Jills Ambassadors. You can see all the pics at
Lindsay, Danielle, and Kelly Ann

From the Bandettes comes a photo from the Bandits Home Opener against Edmonton. The 2015 squad featured 2 new captains, including 2nd year vet Mandy. Here she is posing with members of her line in a photo taken while they were greeting fans coming up to the 100 level for the game. Shown posing from left to right are Jennifer, MaKenzie, Mandy, Brittany, Melanie, and Chrissy.
Jennifer, MaKenzie, Mandy, Brittany, Melanie, and Chrissy

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