Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, May 22, 2015

2009 Buffalo Jills Congratulatory Party-revisited

In mid-May 2009, the Jills invaded Club Paradise for their annual Congratulatory Party, an event designed primarily to introduce their fans to the new squad. With the later date, it didn't coincide with any Bandits games and I was actually one of the 1st to arrive, helping Jills management with setting up before some of the Jills started arriving to pitch in, led by one of the rookies I hadn't met at the Draft Party, Alyssa B. By the time we had everything set up, the rest of the squad had arrived and the fans started showing up soon afterwards.
Eileen and Omarlla starting their 10th season together
Loren and Angelina
In addition to the fans who showed up, the emcee for the evening showed up in the form of Lydia Dominick. Currently on WGRZ, she was with CW23 at the time and did a series of reports on Jills tryouts for a 2nd season. After getting to know some of the Jills the previous season, her friend Heather joined the squad in 2009.
Heather, Lydia, and Katy
Jill, Jennifer, Omarlla, and Lisa
In truth, there were generally more family members and friends than fans at these events and sometimes we got to know them quite well over the years. Some of these friends decided that they loved what their friend on the squad was doing so much that they decided to try out for the squad themselves. Heather had met some of the Jills just out on the town but Lindsey C, who joined the squad in 2010, had become a regular attendee of Jills events in support of her friend Lisa.
Lisa and friends, including future Jills and Falcons cheerleader Lindsey
Kelly Ann, Michelle, and Kristen
Kaitlin, Anna, and Vincenza
The bulk of the party was spent mingling, selling raffle tickets, and, for me, taking lots and lots of photos. When there was probably about an hour left in the event, the raffle prizes were awarded and it was time for the most-highly awaited portion of the event, the dance performance, which was split up into 3 segments with vets dancing 1st, then rookies and ambassadors who switched to dance, and finishing up with more vets.

Squad photo with Lydia

Following the performances, fans got their chance to get photos taken with not 1 or 2 Jills, but the entire squad before things wound down and some of the Jills started leaving for the evening with others either still on duty or just feeling the need to dance some.
Alyssa B with some balloons
Murissa posing for the camera
You can see all the pics at
Ayeshia, Vincenza, Laura, and Keisha with the owner of Club Paradise

From the Bandettes comes a photo from the January game vs Minnesota. The Bandits had a theme night every game this season and that game was their "Superhero night" where fans were encouraged to come dressed up as their favorite heroes. Shown posing with Hawkman and Ironman are members of Lauren's line before the game.
LaToya, Syidah, Hawkman, Stephanie, Iron Man, Janelle, Lauren, and Abby.

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