Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, May 29, 2015

2009 Jills Bike Wash for Mercy Flight-revisited

The Jills have done a lot more than what is seen on the sidelines over the year, including helping out at charity events. One of those events was a Bike Wash raising money for Mercy Flight, an independent, not-for-profit provider of emergency air-medical transport and supporting services, ensuring rapid, safe and cost effective delivery of expert emergency response teams. In late May 2009, Buck's Motorsports in Akron hosted a fundraiser where motorcyclists could get their bikes washed in return for a donation to Mercy Flight and volunteering to help out with that were members of the Buffalo Jills.
Courteney, Katy, Jess, and Amanda with a freshly-washed bike and its owner
When I got there, Jess, Amanda F, Katy, and Courteney were already hard at work with several bikes. It was a little chilly for the end of May so if anyone had been hoping it'd be a bikini bike wash, they were let down....just a bit...though Jess was definitely ready for bikini weather wearing one under her shirt and shorts. After the girls washed the bikes, they posed with them and their owners for the cameras, with photos available from the Buck's photographer.
After a while, Alyssa B showed up and Amanda and Courteney took off for the day. One of the great things with the Jills is how much their families supported them but it was rare that we saw many of them outside of events. Alyssa's family even came to support her at this event,
Jess flashing a smile as she washes a bike
After we had been there for a bit, Nicole L showed up to help out and Katy took off soon afterwards. The girls got a bit of a break as they were all caught up and got to pose for photos both outside with Mercy Flight pilots and inside with some of the bikes for sale at Buck's. After getting a few more bikes washed after that, Alyssa took her leave for the day and Jess and Nicole got to check out more of the bikes inside the store.
Nicole L, Jess, and Alyssa B with one of the Mercy Flight pilots
Nicole L and Jess checking out the bikes in the store

See all the pics at
From the Bandettes comes a photo from the January game against Minnesota. As the squad was getting ready to head out to perform at 1st intermission, Mandy posed for a quick photo and then grabbed some of her squadmates for a group photo. Shown posing for the camera are Chrissy, Mandy, MaKenzie, and Janelle.
Chrissy, Mandy, MaKenzie, and Janelle

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