Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Bandettes at the Bandits Regular Season Finale

Last Saturday night when Buffalo hosted Vancouver, the game was only close through 3 quarters and when they traveled to Connecticut to face New England, that time dropped down to a half. The regular season closed up in Banditland with that same New England team traveling to Buffalo and the game was only close through about a quarter. The Bandits got hot down the stretch this season and Mitch Jones, acquired only 3 weeks ago, was a big factor in last night's finale tallying 4 goals. With Benesch, Hill, Dhane Smith, and Tavares leading the charge, the Blackwolves held a lead for a total of 13 seconds early in the 1st quarter. After former Bandit Brett Bucktooth's score, the Bandits poured in the goals on both of New England's beleaguered goaltenders and sent them home until December with a 20-10 beatdown.
MaKenzie and Janelle
Syidah and Melanie
It was also a regular season finale for the Bandettes as well, as they'll be waiting to see if Buffalo can get past Rochester to find out if they'll be back performing for the fans in Banditland in 2 weeks for the 1st game of  the NLL Eastern Finals. One thing I found out when I got to the arena, where the Bandettes were selling autographed lacrosse balls again, was that this will be the last season for 4th year vet and 1st year captain Lauren. Some girls come off as kind of shy when they first get in the pros, as they get acclimated to it all. Knowing Lauren these past 4 seasons, that was never the case with her. She's probably about as goal-oriented a person as anyone I've ever known and I wouldn't be surprised if she had planned on a 4-year career when she first tried out in October of 2011. That being said, I'd be far from upset if she changed her mind on retirement from the squad.

Janelle. Stephanie, and Lauren
Syidah and Stephanie

For the 3rd intermission performance, the girls donned jerseys, which always seems to excite the fans when it happens once a season. Last season when it happened, there was a bit of a jersey malfunction that went viral. There were no such issues this time around and the Bandettes had another outstanding performance to finish off the regular season.
Jennifer loving her Dhane Smith jersey
One last regular season squad photo for 2015

You can see all the pics at
Up next, the Bandits travel down the Thruway to Rochester Friday night for the 1st round of the NLL Playoffs. A loss ends their 2015 season while a win returns them home to Banditland and the support of the Bandettes with an NLL East Final matchup against Toronto.

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