Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Buffalo Jill of The Week Stefanie

This week, we take a look at 5th year vet Stefanie as our Jill of The Week. Spending her gamedays dancing between rookies Natalie and Emily on Eileen's line, Stefanie is known for her gymnastics ability as well as her devotion to the troops. She's also a girl who loves to travel, and has been to the Middle East to visit the troops a couple of times as a Jill and was ready to go again while the Bills were on their bye week until the trip unfortunately got cancelled. As far as her gymnastics ability, while she hasn't done it quite as much lately, Stefanie has been seen doing backflips during performances on gamedays, not something you'd expect out of someone as tall and lean as she is. It's usually something that the shorter girls excel at but Stefanie has done an incredible job with it. She's one of three girls left who started cheering with the Jills in 2006 along with Valerie and Christina but unlike them, she doesn't have plans to stay with the Jills for that much longer. She has talked about this possibly being her last year...but then, she's said that before as well and she keeps coming back. Obviously, her squadmates and I hope she comes back in 2011 as well but considering some big plans that she and a former squadmate have in store that I can't divulge right now, I can see myself supporting her if she does retire from the Jills, especially when you consider the exposure from this could help her in her chosen career, as a sportscaster. After 5 years cheering for the Bills, she could be talking about them alongside Rich Eisen on NFL Network in a few years.
Stefanie's secondary photo is from Bills training camp back in August. At the end of the practice on Jr Bills Backers Day, children were invited to go down to the stadium field for autographs and the Jills were there to help them out. Shown posing for a photo when all the work was done are Jaclyn, Stefanie, Jill, and Danielle.

Stefanie went through first cuts with Kaitlin in matching outfits this year. Kaitlin did also make the squad but re-signed shortly after tryouts were done due to other commitments. We may see more from this pairing in the near future but more than that, I can't say. Until then, here's the video of the pair at first cuts.

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