Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Some upcoming events to watch out for

This weekend will be the final game performance for the 2010-11 Buffalo Jills when the Bills play host to the Patriots* at Ralph Wilson Stadium. The game is sold out but there may be tickets available to see the Bills break their losing streak to the hated Pats* but more importantly, it may be the last chance to see some of the Jills perform. Even if you can't get into the game, make sure to come by the Fieldhouse to meet the two Jills that will be handling gameday promotions during the game as well as Lot 2 for the 97Rock Tailgate party. But even bigger than that is the Shredd and Ragan Tailgate party in Lot C. There will be members of the Ambassador Squad at both of these tailgate parties and with the calendar about to change over to 2011, it's not too late to pick up a Buffalo Jills Calendar featuring all 42 girls who were on the squad for the start of the season. The Jills will have those for sale at both the Citadel Tailgate events and be sure to be in Lot C at 11:30 when members of the Buffalo Jills dancers perform right in front of the Shredd and Ragan Tailgate Party.

The Bills may be out of the playoffs but the Jills still want to watch some playoff football in Albany. As many should know, Keisha has been making weekly picks of the NFL games on Q103 in Albany each week via phone and after holding a lead most of the season, fell behind her opponent, afternoon guy Mrozek by a game with 2 weeks left in the season. The loser has to eat a dozen atomic hot wings the weekend of January 15th and 16th and Keisha will be there in Albany hoping to make sure Mrozek eats them all...because she does plan to win this thing. Either way, her squadmate and current Jill of The Week Ruby will be there with her making appearances in the Capital region all weekend. See all the details at and be sure to tune in just before 4:30 today and next Friday to hear Keisha make her winning picks.
While the Jills may be just about done with games for the year, the Bandettes are just about to start. On January 22nd, the Buffalo Bandits host the Toronto Rock at 7:30 at HSBC Arena and it's the first game appearance for the 2011 Buffalo Bandettes including 5 rookies who've never performed on such a big stage before...well, before last month in Toronto with the Buffalo Jills as part of the largest non-Super Bowl halftime performance at an NFL game.
Finally, last but certainly not least, is the Buffalo Jills Comedy Show. This year there have been a few changes. In addition to some local comedy flavor, the Jills are bringing in renowned hypnotist Jerry Valley to entertain the crowd at The Rapids Theater in Niagara Falls, NY. The show starts at 7pm on January 29th with a $20 ticket and a cash bar along with snack food available for purchase as well. It should make for an interesting and entertaining evening.
One member of the Buffalo Jills has a prior commitment already that weekend as 6th year vet Katie will be representing the Jills in the Pro Bowl the next day and will be participating in various events in Hawaii all week prior to that. The game itself will be televised on FOX at 7pm ET on January 30th.

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