Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Buffalo Jill of The Week Murissa

After spending the last few weeks with members of the Jills Ambassador Squad, this week's Jill of The Week absolutely lives to dance. Murissa is the only rookie from the 2008 season still on the squad and this photographer hopes she sticks around for several years to come. Besides the fact she's gorgeous and has a smile any dentist would dream of, she's also the squad's biggest poser. That's not to say she's fake, as the word usually means though. She's far from it. What it does mean is that she absolutely loves the camera and will even pose on her own for a photo, something most of the Jills aren't comfortable doing except for their profile and calendar shots. She even posed for the camera as soon as she walked into the Conference Center for the Jills Open Workshop this year once she saw the camera! There's a lot more to Rissa than how she's a photographer's dream. Her most impressive quality is what a big heart she big as her smile. Besides how interacts in the community and with the fans, she jumped at the chance to visit the troops this season not once, but twice with a trip to Iraq at the end of November and another to Saudi Arabia at the end of January. And to the surprise of no one that knows her, the soldiers fell in love with her almost immediately. She also is the type who puts herself out for her friends and came through in a big way to ensure the squad got some excellent coverage in Toronto this year.
Each season, rookie Jills get named a veteran buddy to help them along and show them the ropes of what's expected of them as a Buffalo Jill. I'm not sure what criteria is used on who gets whom but when Murissa was a rookie, her vet buddy was then-Ambassador Squad captain Kelly H. Steph couldn't have made a better pairing because Kelly was known for her outgoing personality and in many ways, Murissa has been the same way she was. Murissa's secondary photo comes from the opening game against the Miami Dolphins. The photo was taken early in the 3rd quarter when Eileen's line was in front of my section and features Nicole, Katie, Reena, and Murissa performing a cheer.

For tryouts this year, Murissa teamed up with fellow 2008 rookie Jackie for 1st cuts and, like many vets have done over the last few years, they even had matching outfits with their tryout numbers on the backs of their tops. Take a look at their tryout video together.

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