Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Buffalo Pro Cheer Photos of The Week

This week's Buffalo Jills Photo of The Week is from the Jills Golf Tourney and features rookies Kristina and Rebecca posing for a photo while the golfers were checking in. Kristina is a dancer on the squad this year and is big on nutrition and exercise. Rebecca joined the Ambassador Squad but also did a little bit of dancing as a Jill already. For the uniform unveiling, ambassadors were invited to perform in the ribbon dance during the actual unveiling of the Bills' new jerseys and Rebecca was the lone ambassador that took that opportunity, dancing next to Murissa and Jaclyn during the ceremony.

Our Bandettes photo is actually a photo of some classic Bandettes and Jills from the Swarm game in April. Nine Bandettes alumni joined the 2011 Bandettes in celebrating the 10th year of the Bandettes dance squad. Shown posing for the camera while greeting fans coming into the game are Tina, Melanie, Amanda F, and Jenn. Tina and Melanie each spent 4 years on the Bandettes as well as 3 with the Jills. Amanda and Jenn's times with the Bandettes was shorter but they are each staying in the public eye these days as 2nd year players in the Blondes Vs Brunettes game on September 10 at Sweet Home High School.

This week's featured BvB player is 2010 Buffalo Jills alumnus Meghan shown posing with her veteran buddy Courteney at last summer's Jills Open Practice. After being at the game selling raffle tickets last year, Meghan loved the idea of playing some football with other women with a great cause like fighting Alzheimer's behind it. Meghan made as big an impact as a Buffalo Jill as many girls make in several years and that goes beyond her top-ranking calendar sales with her on the cover. I'm not sure how to put that impact into words without it looking like I'm playing favorites, though. I've got good relationships with most of the girls who've been on the Jills or Bandettes since I started working closely with the squad, as well as a few from before 2005 as well. Even though I've known her for only about a year, Meghan ranks pretty highly among the Jills and alumni I've gotten to be friends with. That has less to do with her looks, as incredible as they are, and more to do with her personality and her work ethic. While she definitely enjoyed her time as a Jill, she never took it lightly and always did her best with whatever she was asked to do. Unfortunately, her busy schedule isn't going to allow her to play this year but you can still donate to the BvB through her at or any of the ladies involved at

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