Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Jills at 2011 Bills Training Camp Fan appreciation night

Saturday night was Fan Appreciation Night at Bills training camp in Pittsford, NY and the Bills couldn't very well show their appreciation to their fans very well without having some of the Buffalo Jills on hand. After making my way along the Thruway to Rochester, I met up with a buddy, who's actually contributed some photos to the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog in the past, for dinner. We filled up on some great food at Pittsford Pub before heading over to catch the bus to camp.

Jami and Gina
Once we made it to camp, we found Jami and Gina just inside the door to the merchandise tent greeting fans and posing for photos. My buddy headed out to practice while I spent some time getting some photos and talking to the 2 young ladies who will be dancing at the Ralph for the 1st time on August 27th when the Bills play host to the Jaguars in their Kid's Day preseason game. Jami is a rookie with the squad this year while Gina moved to dance this year after having spent last year as the Rookie Ambassador of The Year.

Christina and Omarlla
After spending some time with them, I swung over to the other end of the tent where captains Christina and Omarlla were posing for photos and greeting fans. Neither one of these two ladies need any introduction as Christina has been on the squad for 6 years now and Omarlla is entering her 12th season. However, Omarlla is still having plenty of new experiences even in her 12th year. Last week was the 1st time she was actually out on the golf course for the Jills annual Golf Tourney as she's always been at the Tournament only for the dinnertime shift.
After getting some more photos of all the girls, I went in to catch some practice myself while some of the girls headed out at the end of their shift and others watched the practice themselves.
See all the pics at
Next weekend is the 3rd Annual Nathan George Softball Tournament in Dunkirk and features an appearance by members of the Buffalo Jills. Go to for details.
Also, DJ Jickster did make a short appearance at the 9th Annual Jills Golf Tourney on Monday and shot some video which he posted on 97Rock's website.

Finally, the dance team captain pairings have been announced for 2011 with 3 new co-captains. Joining Omarlla will be 5th year vet Lisa while Loren will be co-captaining Valerie's line. It won't be the 1st time they ran a line together as last season, when Omarlla missed a game to visit family out of town, Valerie and Loren teamed up to cover her line for her. Joining Christina as co-captain will be 2nd year vet Natalie, who's well-known for being the prospective rookie who blogged about her experiences trying out for her rookie season.

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