Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Jills at the 2011 Kid's Day Game

A few months ago, we weren't even sure we'd have NFL Football this fall. While NFL teams couldn't do anything player-related in the 3 1/2 month lockout, NFL Cheerleading squads still conducted tryouts and practices to get ready for a season that they hoped would happen. Even without football, squads still have plenty of appearance requests to fill and the girls generally put in more offseason practice to get ready for the season anyway. The Buffalo Jills got their 1st taste of gameday action at the annual Kid's Day game when the Bills played host to former LB Paul Posluzsny and the Jacksonville Jaguars Saturday night.

Ruby, Rebecca, Jessica, Laura, and Sara entertaining some fans
They started off the day with a mini-carnival in Lot C where members of the Jills Ambassador Squad hosted a long line of fans getting photos and autographs. The remainder of the ambassadors were working in the Healthy Zone Fieldhouse with the dancers on making sure the Jr Jills were ready to perform in pregame.
Since 1999, I've been sitting right along the tunnel wall on the visitor's side of the tunnel and the Jills, especially the veterans, are used to that and knowing where the camera will be. For most of that time though, and especially since the Bills installed a tarp over top of the tunnel, I've been trying to move closer to the field to get past that tarp. This year, I got that upgrade, albeit a small one of 2 rows. The only thing is, it moved me over to the home side of the tunnel where I sat in 1996, my first year with seasons. It was a plus since I have more friends sitting on that side...I just made sure to let the Jills, especially the captains and other vets, know about the change beforehand.

Jami, Natalie, Omarlla, Jaclyn, Gina, and Murissa before pregame

Reena with some of the Jr Jills
The Jr Jills is always a big deal for the Jills organization, as some of these girls will one day be on the sidelines as Jills themselves so the current Jills always do what they can to provide them with a great experience. Jills alumnus Katie K (2005-10) and current gymnastic ace Jill, who's recovering from a couple of sprained ankles, helped the ambassadors with the Jr Jills guiding them along.

Ruby and Rebecca worked with Billy Buffalo during the game

Omarlla...she just knows when the cameras are on her

Jenny and Natalie in the 3rd quarter
The game itself was exciting, let alone for a preseason game. The Bills' starters had a strong lead that their backups gave up before roaring back to tie the game up late in regulation forcing an OT that they pulled out, sending the remaining fans happy with some positive feelings about the future of the 2011 Buffalo Bills season.
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The Jills are back in action at Ralph Wilson Stadium Thursday night as the Bills host the Lions in their final game of the 2011 preseason.

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