Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Photos from the 9th Annual Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament

For the 9th year, the Buffalo Jills held a Golf Tournament to help with costs for the squad and returned to Williamsville's beautiful Westwood Country Club for the 2nd year in a row on August 1. I generally get to these events early to help Jills management set up and get some extra photos but by the time I got there, 6th year vet Christina and rookie Beth were already heavily involved in getting the raffle prizes set up with Kelli, Steph, and Nichole.

Beth and Christina
Before long, several more girls showed up to help out, including rookies Bri and Jessica, who happen to be sisters.

Briana and Jessica
Eventually the golfers started arriving and it was up to rookie Krystin and 4th year vet Murissa to direct them to the lots and to registration.

Krystin and Murissa
One of the cool features of the Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament every year is the chance to bid on a caddy for the day. Some of the Jills ride around the course with the golfers for the day. This year, 2nd year vets Emily and Sara and rookies Rebecca and Shannon signed up for that gig.

Emily, Sara, Rebecca, and Shannon
Some of the girls sold raffle tickets while golfers showed up and had lunch before heading out on the course. I took Murissa and 2nd year vet Natalie, Christina's new co-captain, out to the 6th hole where they ran the Longest Drive contest before stopping over at the dunk tank where Gabrielle, Valerie, and Lisa took turns as targets while Krystin and Kristina helped with photos and Ruby kept an eye on everyone's safety with her 1st aid skills.

Gabrielle, Valerie, and Lisa
After stopping to visit 2nd year vet Lindsey and rookie Jami for a little while at 17, I swung over to where 2nd year vets Morgan and Jaclyn, one of this year's covergirls, helped manage the "Double your money" contest where golfers could bet a sum of money that they could get on the green in one stroke.

Morgan and Jaclyn with Morgan's family
At the other end of the hole, taking bets from the golfers, was rookie dancer Jenny, who travels over 2 hours to practice each way, making other long drives seem short.

Emily and Jenny with some golfers including Emily's and Lindsey's boyfriends
After stopping by to visit Bri and Jessica for a while, it was off to hole 3 where Christina was managing the poker run with rookies Beth and Myesha but in the middle of the visit, the horn blew signaling some rough weather so we went back to the clubhouse to wait it out and grab a few quick photos. We also had a visit from 2nd year vet Jill, who wasn't able to do Flips for Tips this year because of 2 badly sprained ankles. She unfortunately won't be able to dance in the preseason, but we're all keeping our fingers crossed she'll be ready to display her incredible gymnastic abilities at the home opener September 18th.

Covergirls Christina and Jaclyn
Luckily, the cloudburst was a short one and after getting the girls back to hole 3, I stopped back over at the dunk tank area where the girls were getting refreshed and rookie Kelly and 2nd year vet Gina joined in the fun of posing for pics.

Kristina, Kelly, Gina, and Krystin with one of the golfers
After getting some of the girls back to the clubhouse when their shifts were done for the day, I stopped back over at 17 to see Lindsey and Jami again where they had the company of the beautiful Reena and I was there long enough to see Alyssa stop by, who had taken over for Melissa who had been a 5th caddy for the day before her shift ended.

Omarlla and Loren with Dr Shatkin of Aesthetic Associates and his group
My last stop on the course was to visit someone who's never been out on the course for the golf tourneys, 12th year vet Omarlla with 3rd year vet Loren. Omarlla's always been part of the dinner-time group only due to work but this year was able to come out a little earlier. After the last group came through, we went back to the clubhouse to get ready for dinner where several of the girls were already handing out raffle prizes.

Reena, Jami, Amanda F, Nicole, Courteney, and Amanda V
After dinner, 8 members of the Buffalo Jills put on a rousing dance performance for the appreciative golfers.

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