Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Buffalo Pro Cheer Photos of The Week

From the Buffalo Jills, our weekly photo comes from the Jills Golf Tourney and was taken after the tournament itself while the golfers were coming into the clubhouse for dinner. Shown posing for the camera are Alyssa, Krystin, Kelly, and Shannon. If you need any introduction to Alyssa, I don't know what to say...this is her 3rd season an the Ambassador Squad and has won a season-ending award each of her 1st two seasons. We introduced you to Canadian-born Shannon about a month ago but Krystin and Kelly are also a pair of rookies on the squad this year. The two of them are dancers on the squad this year and I've yet to get to know them that well yet but I can say Krystin is off to a good start with the incomparable Murissa being a big influence so far. The only thing I know about Kelly so far is her name...and considering the fact that the last few girls on the squad named Kelly are pretty great girls and were major assets to the squad, I only hope that doesn't put too much pressure on the newest girl on the squad with that name.

This week's Bandette Photo of The Week comes from the April game against the Washington Stealth and features a lot of the girls posing for a photo just prior to heading out for their pregame performance. Shown posing are Lauren B, Justina, Noelle, Lauren S, Beth, Jessica M, Kirsten, and Krista with Danielle not paying attention at the Tryouts for the 2012 squad are expected to be announced within the next month. It'll be interesting to see how the squad looks as Justina, Jessica H, Melissa, and Beth won't be returning for sure and Lauren S is on the fence.

Our featured BvB player this week is Jills alumnus Tammy S. She spent a few years on the squad in the mid-90s and came back as an Ambassador on the 2002 squad as well. These days she's a dental hygienist who loves live music and has probably been to more concerts in the last year than I've been to in my entire life! LOL But when she's not taking in a concert or working, she stays very active on a local roller derby team and knowing Tammy, she's probably a pretty fierce player on the team. You can donate to the BvB through Tammy at or any of the players at

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