Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Bandettes at the Bandits-Knighthawks game

Lauren B and Stephanie G with the lacrosse balls they were selling
Jaclyn and Erin Y
Lauren K, Carissa, Chrissy, and Krista pose for the camera
It was fan appreciation night in Banditland for the final home game of the 2012 season and the Bandits showed their fans some real appreciation by putting together their best game in months, putting away their rivals from Rochester by a score of 14-9. When I got there, Lauren B's line was selling lacrosse balls just inside the gates. Each ball was autographed by a member of the Bandits, the entire Bandits team, or an entire other NLL team but you didn't know until you bought it and opened the bag. I'm not big on autographs myself but with the proceeds going to benefit the Bandettes, I had to get L.B. is pretty hard to say no to. Sadly, even with the win, this may have been the last game of the season for several of the Bandettes as the Bandits will need some help to earn any home games in the playoffs. After rooting against Rochester in Banditland and again next week, the Bandits can earn the #3 seed in the East but will have to root for Rochester in the 1st rd of the playoffs in order to host them for the NLL East Title game. Barring that though, 3rd year vet Stephanie G and 2nd year vet Danielle have decided not to return with Stephanie moving away in the fall and Danielle concentrating on her upcoming nuptials. In addition, Lauren B, Noelle, and Krista have talked about hanging up the poms but I told Lauren that she couldn't retire after I bought the lacrosse ball from her.
Stephanie G, Chrissy, Alicia, and Noelle in action
After heading upstairs, I ran into Kirsten's line, also selling plenty of lacrosse balls as well as posing for lots of photos while I got caught up with the Bandettes' stunning choreographer, Erin Y. Erin's been in the Buffalo Pro Cheer scene since 2003 when she first joined the Buffalo Bombshells and hasn't lost a step or look like she's aged even a day. After the girls headed in to get ready, it was off to the seats to take in the game and get lots and lots of photos.
Chelsea, Stephanie C, and Stephanie O in pregame
Ambassadors Ashley and Amanda

The Bandettes dancers with Erin Y and Jaclyn
Stephanie G and Kirsten
Jessica and Chrissy hugging as the Bandits win
Lauren B leading the Bandettes around the arena

Normally, the girls head to the locker room late in games to get ready to leave, watching the final seconds tick off while they change. This time, the possible final home game of the season, they joined the players on the field doing a lap around the arena to celebrate the win.
Chelsea, Krista, Lauren B, Stephanie O, Danielle, Stephanie G, Ashley
and Noelle at Cobblestone's postgame party

After the games this year, several of the girls join the fans and players at Cobblestone and for this game, all but one of the girls made it and for the first time this season, Krista made an appearance. After looking over some of the videos I took of their performances during the evening, several of the girls posed for photos at what could be their last postgame party together. Hopefully it won't be because in my mind, this was a pretty great grouping of Bandettes this season.

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Coming up next, with help, we may have another home game in 3 weeks as the Bandits are now in the playoffs and still have a chance at the #3 seed in the East.
Also, stay tuned as the NLL Girl of The Year competition is in its final stages. The final quarterfinal competition is ongoing and rookie camera ham Stephanie O is waiting for her semi-final matchup in her quest to become the NLL's Girl Of The Year!

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