Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pics and video from the Jills Optional Workshop

Valerie, Lisa, and Loren modeling their shirts
Steph and Nichole talk to the assembled participants
In preparation for tryouts coming up on Sunday, the Buffalo Jills first held their Open Workshop at the Fieldhouse on Sunday but for those who couldn't make it, in addition to those who just wanted some extra instruction, they held an extra workshop at Gold's Gym in Lancaster. The captains all showed up in matching attire, from their tops and shirts all the way down to their shorts and shoes. After we got set up, a large contingent of young ladies, including several girls who didn't make it to Sunday's workshop, showed up to learn about becoming a Buffalo Jill. In addition to Miranda, who was there Sunday, Rebecca is also thinking about a switch to the dance squad after a successful rookie season on the Ambassador Squad.
captains on stage during the discussion

After everyone filed in, a larger group than was at last year's Optional Workshop, Steph and Nichole went over many of the requirements and expectations of becoming a Buffalo Jill and answered questions from several potential rookies looking to learn all they can to be ready for Sunday and the future.

Christina explains the process to the assembled participants

Kelly and Krystin on "stage"

After the question-and-answer session was over, some more girls who were just there for the dance session showed up and everyone was given a look at how tryouts were going to run. This year, the first part of tryouts will be basically a parade across the stage in which all the young ladies auditioning will go across the stage in their tryout attire. This will allow the judges, and the fans, to get a look at everyone trying out and to give the participants a chance to not only give everyone a great first impression, but help shake off any jitters they may have for the tryout process.
the captains leading the girls through learning the dance
After the run-through was done, the captains got straight to work, leading everyone through stretching exercises before teaching them the dance, first all at once and then, once a nearby room opened up, in two separate groups. Valerie, Lisa, and Emily took about half the girls to the other room while Omarlla, Christina, and Loren stayed in the first room to allow everyone more space to dance. I stuck around in the first room to get lots of pics and some videos of the group that contained most of the returning vets.

Murissa, Kelly, and Rita among the potential rookies learning dance

See all the pics at

Also, after everyone had gone through the routine, Omarlla, Christina, and Loren separated the girls into three groups and led each group through the performance. Videos of each of those performances can be found at
Sunday, Jills tryouts reach the 1st cut stage at the Bills Healthy Zone Fieldhouse and this event is open to the public for $5! Doors open at 12:15 with tryouts starting at 1pm. Get all the details at

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