Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Big night in Banditland

Bandettes and Jr Bandettes
The game itself was something no Bandits fan will ever want to think about again but when it comes to dancing and cheering, it was a pretty memorable night. First off, it was Jr Bandettes night as dozens and dozens of girls aged 6 thru 16 joined the Bandettes on the turf for a big performance to start off halftime. While that's a big thing itself, giving those girls the chance to see what it's like to dance on a big stage, an extra bonus was added for the game against the Bandits' northern rivals. Frequently, dancers from Buffalo, Toronto, and Rochester will make the trip themselves to go cheer on their teams from the stands in the neighboring cities. In college and high school, cheerleaders travel with their teams all the time and perform as if it were a home game. In the pros, that just doesn't happen....until now as the Toronto Rock Cheerleaders put on their own performance for the fans in Banditland as well. There was one other bonus as well. As everyone should know, rookie camera ham Stephanie O has been representing the Bandettes in the NLL Girl of The Year playoffs and is currently matched up against a member of the Colorado Wild Bunch. But to get into the playoffs, she had to win an opening round matchup against Candace from the Toronto Rock Cheerleaders and after the Rock Cheerleaders' performance, these former adversaries posed for a few photos together.
Candace and Stephanie O

Lauren B and Erin Y

Carissa, Kirsten, Lauren K, and Stephanie G

Lauren B and Chrissy with some Jr Bandettes

Krista and Noelle

Jessica, Lauren K, Alicia, and Krista in action during 1st intermission

Carissa, Chrissy, and Melissa in action during 2nd quarter

Toronto Rock Cheerleaders about to take the floor

Stephanie C and Kirsten in action

Jessica and Krista at 3rd intermission

See all the pics at

silent version for U.S. viewers

Next up for the Bandettes, they're back in action Saturday night as the Bandits play host to the Philadelphia Wings. Also, don't forget to keep voting for Stephanie as she continues to represent the Bandettes well in her quest to become the NLL Girl of The Year.

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